How To Cancel Calm Subscription? 6 Effective Methods!!

How To Cancel Calm Subscription?

Calm promises its customers to bring calmness, relaxation, focus, and mental peace into their lives. But, if they are unable to fulfill their promises, then you are free to cancel Calm Subscription at any time. 

In today’s busy world, everybody is running behind money, fame, and work. With this, they hardly get time for themselves, which automatically destroys their mental health. Don’t Worry!! Calm is a platform that helps you in improving your sleep and mental health with meditation and self-improvement sessions. 

You can cancel your Calm Subscription at any time from your Calm Website or App. You can also cancel it by sending a cancelation email at [email protected] 

Calm Subscription Plans- Can You Cancel These Plans?

You can try the services of Calm for free in its 7-day free trial, then after your free trial, you will be charged $49.99 (billed annually). You can cancel this plan at any time. 

You can also take a Lifetime membership to Calm at the cost of $399.99 billed at once. 

How To Cancel Calm Premium Subscription From Calm App?

How To Cancel Calm Subscription- How To Cancel Calm Premium Subscription From Calm App?

Here are the easy steps to cancel your Calm Subscription from the Calm App. 

  • First, you have to open your Calm App’s Home Screen and click on your profile
  • From the left side, tap on the Settings icon and open the App Settings
  • Then, Select Manage Subscriptions and follow the clear steps to cancel the Calm Subscription
  • If you purchased the subscription via Apple and Google Play, then you have to enter “here” on the Manage Subscriptions page and you will be directed to the subscription settings. 

How To Cancel Subscription From Calm Website?

If you have directly purchased your Calm Subscription from its website, then follow these steps for its cancelation.

  • Navigate to and then tap on the login button from the top corner of the screen. 
  • You will be then directed to the Calm login box that will appear in front of you. Log in to your account by entering your Email & Password. 
  • Go to the Account Settings and Select Manage Subscriptions
  • Click on the Cancel Subscription button

How Do I Cancel My Calm Subscription Via Email?

You can also reach out to the Calm Customer Service team to submit your request to cancel the subscription. Remember, you can only contact their team for cancelation if you have purchased the subscription From Calm Website. 

You can send your cancelation letter to their team on the Calm service team email address at [email protected]. Their team will then contact you or reply to your email soon. 

How To Cancel Calm Subscription On Android (Google Play)?

Follow these steps to cancel your Calm Subscription, if you have purchased the subscription via Google Play Account. 

  • Go to Google Play from your browser and logged in to the same Google Play Account that you used for purchasing the Calm Subscription
  • Tap on My Subscriptions from the left side
  • Tap on the Manage button and then finally Cancel Subscription button 

How To Cancel Calm Membership On The App Store (iOS)?

Read out these subscription cancelation steps carefully, if you have subscribed to the Calm through App Store. 

  • First, open your iPhone Settings and then select your Apple Name from that page
  • Select iTunes & App Store and then click on your Apple ID from the top of the screen
  • Scroll down the options and select the Subscriptions
  • Select Calm Subscription from the list of Subscriptions
  • And to cancel it permanently, tap on the Cancel Subscription button from the bottom 

How Can You Cancel Calm Subscription From Huawei?

Follow these steps to cancel the Calm Subscription from the Huawei App. 

  • Open the Huawei App and navigate to its Settings
  • Click on the Account Center> Payment & Purchases
  • Then, go to the Subscriptions section and click on the Calm Service and cancel its subscription. 

Frequently Asked Questions

How To Cancel Calm App Free Trial?

You can cancel your Calm free trial from Calm Website or App. Make sure that you cancel your free trial at least 24 hours before it ends. 

Steps to cancel Calm Free Trial- Go to Calm Website or Calm App> Tap on your Profile> Open Settings> Manage Subscriptions> Cancel Free Trial

Does The Calm App Automatically Charge You?

Yes, Calm Subscriptions are automatically set to renew after every new billing term and you will be charged automatically for your new subscription term. 

Can You Get A Refund From Calm?

You will not get a refund for that subscription term for which you will already get charged. In short, once you will get charged, no refunds will be provided to you. 

How To Contact Calm Customer Service?

You can Submit a Request to their team and get all of your answers related to Calm here. If you are not getting answers from the contact form, then you can send your queries to [email protected] 


Do you really find the subscription service of Calm useful? If yes, then you definitely continue with its service. 

But, if you are not satisfied, then you can cancel the Calm Subscription with the steps mentioned above in this article or by contacting their service team via email. You can also cancel your Headspace Subscription

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