How To Cancel NFL Sunday Ticket on YouTube & DirecTV?

how to cancel sunday ticket

If football lives rent-free in your mind then you are of course not the only one in the world and to keep yourself entertained and informed about the game, you must have already purchased Sunday Ticket. But if you are now planning to terminate the services then we are here to help you cancel your NFL Sunday Ticket. 

Sunday Ticket is a package or a subscription service that broadcasts the regular seasons of the National Football League. It consists of numerous Football season games and game highlights which will keep you busy for a long. This platform gives you access to all out-of-market NFL games. 

You can easily cancel your NFL Sunday Ticket online on YouTube & DirecTV by signing in to your account. Cancellation can also take place from Android and iOS devices if you purchased the subscription from there

How Much Is NFL Sunday Ticket?

Sunday Ticket has several subscription plans to choose from and you can go through the Cost per season of those plans. 

NFL Sunday TicketCharges
NFL Sunday Ticket$293.94/season
NFL Sunday Ticket Max$395.94/season
NFL Sunday Ticket.TV$293.94/season
NFL Sunday Ticket.TV Max$395.94/season
NFL Sunday Ticket.TV U$119.94/season

The NFL Sunday Ticket plans can be purchased for the above-mentioned prices and these costs are per season. It means you will get access to the features and benefits provided by Sunday Ticket for a whole long season and you can still watch all the games till your billing period is over after you cancel their services. 

How Do I Cancel Sunday Ticket?

You can easily cancel your NFL Sunday Ticket on DirecTV and also on Android and iOS devices if purchased there. 

Cancel Sunday Ticket On YouTube

  • Go to YouTube TV and login to your Account.
  • In upper right corner, click on the your profile picture.
  • From the menu list, click Setting.
  • Under Membership you will see all the purchased subscription.
  • Clcik on Manage, next to the NFL Sunday Ticket.
  • In last, Click on Cancel to end the subscription.

Cancel Sunday Ticket On DirecTV

  • Visit the official website of DirecTV and provide your credentials to sign in to your account. 
  • Now move to the Account Overview section on your profile page and you will be required to provide your user ID and password to sign in to your NFL Sunday Ticket. 
  • Go to My Account and from the options provided, choose My Bills & Transactions
  • You will see the Cancel Service section there, hit the Click Here button below the section. 
  • You must provide a reason for your cancellation and when done, click on Submit Cancellation

Cancel Sunday Ticket On Android Device

  • Open Google Play Store on your Android device and go to the profile icon at the top right. 
  • Choose Payments & Subscriptions and then Subscriptions
  • You will see all your purchased subscriptions there, select your NFL Sunday Ticket from the options. 
  • Tap on the Cancel Subscription option and confirm the cancellation procedure. 

Cancel Sunday Ticket On iOS Device

  • Open the Settings application on your iOS device and tap on your name. 
  • Go to the Subscriptions section and there you will be required to sign in to your Apple ID. 
  • From Subscriptions, you can now choose your NFL Sunday Ticket
  • Now cancel the subscription and confirm cancellation by saving the changes. 

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Does NFL Sunday Ticket Provide Free Trial?

Yes, NFL Sunday Ticket does provide a free trial for seven days to eligible users. The users can get the benefit of the features available on Sunday Ticket for a week and then decide for themselves if they wish to continue with the service package. If they are, however, unsatisfied with the services provided then they can cancel Sunday Ticket during the free trial period to prevent being charged further. 

Does Sunday Ticket Provide Refund For Cancellation?

You may get a complete refund from Sunday Ticket if you cancel the services soon after the auto-renew of your NFL Sunday Ticket package. The dates may vary according to the seasons as the package is charged according to one season and continues accordingly. 

Why Can’t I Cancel Sunday Ticket?

It is easy to cancel NFL Sunday Ticket if you know the correct procedure so do go through the steps for cancellation as mentioned above and end your service package. If you are unable to cancel the service then you might not be following the steps as required or maybe the platform or the website is not functioning at the moment. If so, wait and try again.

Wrap Up

NFL provides a Sunday Ticket package to all football lovers so that they can enjoy the regular seasons of the NFL with other features and extra highlights.

But if you tried using the service but now feel it to be costly enough to continue then follow the detailed cancellation steps discussed above and end the service.

You can also cancel it during the free-trial period if you don’t want to pay any more for the service. Visit the official website if you have more related queries.

Cancelling your subscriptions and memberships will become hassle free with easy to digest "How-to" articles by Rachel.

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