How To Cancel Surge Credit Card?

Cancel Surge Credit Card

If you are unsatisfied with the services of the Surge Credit card and is not giving you any benefits that you may expect from a Credit card, then we recommend you cancel your card. You might be curious to know how you can cancel your Surge Credit Card, we will explain briefly in this article.

Surge Credit card is issued by the Continental Finance company and it offers numerous benefits to their customers. You can check your credit score for free once every month and your credit limit keeps increasing with this card.

However, we understand your concern and it doesn’t matter what is the reason for the cancellation, the company offers a seamless cancelation process. You can cancel your Surge Credit card simply by calling their service agent or by canceling it online.

How To Cancel Surge Credit Card Over The Phone?

It is straightforward to cancel a credit card by reaching out to the Customer Service team of Continental Finance at 1-866-449-4514. Please follow the below steps to cancel your Surge Credit Card:

  1. Clear all the remaining balance first
  2. Dial the number on your phone
  3. Provide your account information to connect with the service agent
  4. Speak with the service agent and inform them that you want to close your surge card permanently
  5. You would need to provide some information to verify your identity
  6. After successful verification, your card will be canceled.

Your card will now be canceled successfully and you can destroy the card. 

How To Cancel Surge Credit Card Online?

Alternatively, you can cancel your Surge Credit card through their online Website for a quick and easy cancelation. This process will immediately cancel your credit card without any hassle. Follow the below steps to have a seamless and hassle-free cancelation experience:

  1. Head to the website of Continental Finance
  2. Log in to your Surge credit card account
  3. Go to Services 
  4. Then click on My Account
  5. Choose the card you wish to close
  6. Select the reason for the cancellation
  7. Then confirm to cancel

A message will appear on the screen which will let you know that your credit card has been cancelled successfully. You will also receive an email confirmation after this.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Is There An App for Surge Mastercard?

You can manage your Surge account by using the Continental Finance Mobile App. The app is available for both Android as well as Apple devices.

How To Contact The Customer Service Of Surge?

You can reach out to the customer service of Surge by calling this number 1-800-556-5678.


Surge Credit Card indeed offers benefits like a free credit check once a month and helps in increasing credit limit. Their higher APR interest is a drawback for some of the people. 

In this article, we have provided you with the right information and the easiest methods to cancel your Surge Credit Card anytime.

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