How To Cancel Gold’s Gym Membership?

Cancel Gold's Gym

It seems like you have taken the Gold’s Gym Membership, but do not get enough time to go to the gym and do your exercises. Then, you are just unnecessarily wasting your money on its membership and need to cancel it soon. 

Gold’s Gym is a chain of American gyms with worldwide centers. Their gyms are available in almost 700 locations and provide fitness training to their members. 

You can cancel your Gold’s Gym Membership by sending an Email to their team at [email protected]

For certain gyms, online cancelation is also available. You will get to know about them later in this article. 

Gold’s Gym General Cancellation Policy

  1. Month-To-Month: Gold’s Gym monthly membership can be canceled within 30 days before your new billing. 
  1. Installment: You can not cancel your membership on the starting days unless you show them proper proof of your move more than 25 miles from your gym center or medical proof of your health issue. You also have to pay $125.00 as a Gold’s Gym cancellation fee. 

How To Cancel Gold’s Gym Membership Online?

Follow these steps to cancel your Gold’s Gym Membership online- 

  1. Visit and sign in to the account
  2. Click on My Agreement Info tab
  3. Select the Request Cancel option
  4. Fill out the form. You will need your membership agreement number to fill out the form
  5. Click on the Submit Cancel Request button 

How To Freeze Gold’s Gym Membership?

You can freeze your Gold’s Gym membership at the cost of $15.00 per month. To freeze your membership, you need to send an email to the [email protected]

Make sure that you include all the below-mentioned things in your Email- 

  1. Full Name
  2. Membership Agreement Number
  3. Home Gym: Camas, Vancouver Hazel Dell, Kirkland, Vancouver Mall, Tigard, or Woodinville. 
  4. Contact number 
  5. Date Of Birth
  6. Reason for Freeze
  7. Duration of Freeze (1-6 months)

Send the email with all the information to their Email Address and you will get a confirmation email from their team within 7-10 days. 

Important: The above-mentioned method for canceling and freezing the Gold’s Gym membership can only be used for the following Gold’s Gyms- Camas, Vancouver Hazel Dell, Kirkland, Vancouver Mall, Tigard, or Woodinville. 

For other gym locations, you need to visit your gym location as a person and ask them to cancel your membership. 

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How To Cancel Gold’s Gym Membership In-Person?

You can go to your nearest Gold’s Gym location in your city and ask the gym manager to cancel your membership. Fill out the Gold’s Gym membership cancellation form and submit the form to their team. 

You can also ask them to provide their gym’s contact information for getting any support in the future. 

How To Cancel Gold’s Gym Membership Via Email?

Gold’s Gym has a general Email through which they can accept all types of queries related to billing, gym, or membership issues. 

You can try to send your cancelation request to Gold’s gym email at [email protected] and they will revert to your email and provide you some solutions to cancel the membership. 

How To Contact Gold’s Gym Customer Service?

You can contact the Gold’s Gym customer service team at [email protected]. If there is any nearest Gold’s gym center to your location, you can visit the gym in person and ask for their contact information. 


Make sure that you choose the method to cancel your Gold’s Gym membership according to your gym. If you are not eligible for the online cancelation, then visit your nearest gym location for smooth cancelation of your membership. 

By chance, if you are unable to visit in person, then contact their service team via their Email Address.

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