How To Cancel CubeSmart Membership? 3 Easy Methods!!

How To Cancel CubeSmart

Do you need a large space for storing the excess things in your home? For this, many people use the CubeSmart Storage Services and if you are done with the services of CubeSmart, then you can also cancel it at any time. Let’s show you how. 

Well!! In many homes, you are always short of a quite big place to keep your furniture while renovating your house or maybe you need storage for your vehicles. Then, Don’t Worry!! With CubeSmart your problem is solved now. Yes, CubeSmart is a self-storage real estate company that offers you the services of self-storage systems in the United States. But, for some people, its services are temporary, so they end up canceling their membership with CubeSmart. 

You can cancel the CubeSmart Membership by contacting their customer support service team in the following ways:

  • Cancel Over The Phone
  • Cancel Via Email
  • Cancel Via Live Chat

What Is CubeSmart For? Know About Its Cancelation Policy!!

CubeSmart is a self-storage unit in the United States which provides you with a convenient location and space to keep your things in one place. They provide you with the space, according to your need. Many people use CubeSmart to put their excessive things in their provided storage unit and it also provides parking for storing vehicles. 

And, if you are already using its services for a long period of time and now want to cancel or terminate it. Then, according to CubeSmart Cancelation Policy, you can cancel your CubeSmart membership at any time by reaching out to its customer service team. 

How To Cancel CubeSmart Membership Over The Phone?

  1. One of the quickest and the most straightforward method to contact their team is to call them on their available customer service number and tell them about your intention of cancelation. 
  1. For this, just dial 1-844-248-3104 from your home, and within a few minutes, you will be connected to one of their team members on a call.
  1. Tell them to cancel your CubeSmart Membership by providing them with membership details.
  1. They will then continue with the further process to cancel the membership. 
  1. You will be notified about your cancelation via email as a confirmation message. 

How To Cancel CubeSmart Membership Via Email?

If you are someone who feels shy while talking to someone directly on a phone call or maybe you have some communication issues, then Emailing will be a better option for you to cancel your membership. 

For this, you just have to compose an email, to their team in which you need to include that you want to cancel your CubeSmart Membership. Add all the important membership details and your contact information. 

After the email is well-composed from your side, Send the email to [email protected] or [email protected]  and wait for their team’s reply. They will reply to your email soon. 

How To Cancel CubeSmart Membership Via Live Chat?

Live Chat can also be a good and functional method to get in contact with their team agent. You can get their “Live Chat” option on CubeSmart Website. In the right corner of the screen, you see an option “Questions?”. Tap on it and you will be connected with their team agent on live chat. 

Tell them that you want to cancel the membership and follow the steps or guide, mentioned by the team agent on chat. Maybe they also told you to contact the customer service team via call or email. Try to contact with CubeSmart Customer Service team with their given phone number or email. 

Frequently Asked Questions

How To Contact CubeSmart Customer Service?

You can make a call at CubeSmart Customer Service Phone number at 1 (844) 248-3104 or by emailing at [email protected]. Visit CubeSmart Contact Page for more contact information. You can send their team a message on their Twitter Account. 

How Do I Pay My Bill?

You have two options to pay your CubeSmart bill- Pay your bill online or make a call at 1-888-645-8236


That’s all you have to do to cancel your CubeSmart Membership. Getting in touch with their customer support service team can help you in canceling the membership. We hope that your all questions will be answered by us. In case, if we left out sometime, feel free to ask us in the comment box below. 

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