How To Cancel Suddenlink Service? 2 Easy Ways!

How To Cancel Suddenlink Service? 2 Easy Ways!

If you want to go for another service provider then you should first terminate the current one, and if you are currently using up the services of Suddenlink, then this article is all about how to cancel your Suddenlink service online as well as via their customer service support. 

If you are from the US then you must be aware of one of the popular cable television and landline service providers Suddenlink. Apart from this, they also provide services for mobile, high-speed, advertising, and home security. But, there can be certain reasons like the hike in their price and unreliable connectivity for which you might want to cancel this service network and go for another one. 

To cancel your Suddenlink service, you can do it manually by logging in to your account. Just head to the Account Information section where you will find the Account Details link. Open it and select the option to terminate your account and your services from this provider shall be canceled. 

To know in detail about the available methods of canceling your Suddenlink service, we suggest that you continue reading this article and get all your answers. 

How To Cancel Suddenlink Service?

There are two ways as of now in which you can have your service to Suddenlink landline easily. While one method is a manual one, the other just requires you to speak with their customer support agent. We are going to discuss both methods with you right here so that you can choose the steps that you are more convenient with. 

How To Cancel Suddenline Service Over The Phone?

This is a more straightforward and direct way for canceling your Suddenlink service as you do not need to manually do the cancelation, instead the customer support of Suddenlink will do it for you. 

In this method, you just need to make a phone call on the number +1 888 822 5151 from your phone and follow the Interactive Voice Response to choose the option for connecting with a customer service representative. 

As you do this, you will soon be assigned one of the customer support agents of Suddenlink who you can speak with and let know that you do not wish to continue your subscription to Suddnelink anymore. 

You will probably need to provide them with a strong reason for canceling as the representative will try their best to convince you to keep the service. Once they agree upon the cancelation, let them have the remaining relevant information related to your service, which will include some of your identity details as well as your account number and PIN. 

Make sure to ask them to provide you with a confirmation email on the successful cancelation of the service so that you have the proof for later.

How To Cancel Suddenlink Online?

If you believe in doing your tasks manually, then this is the method that you would like to pursue to cancel your Suddenlink services. So, follow the steps given below to cancel your Suddenlink service through their website. 

1. Head to the official website of Suddenlink on your device’s web browser. 

2. Log in to your Suddenlink account whose services you want to terminate.

3. Look through the options and select the “Account Information” option.

4. Then, click on the “Account Details” option.

5. On the next page you will see an option to “Terminate Account”,  select it and follow up as directed to confirm your decision


Is There A Cancelation Fee For Suddenlink Service?

If you are terminating your service to Suddenlink before the expiration date of the contract, then you will be charged a cancelation fee by Suddenlink which can be as high as $200 plus including some outstanding charges it.

Can You Install Suddenlink Internet Yourself?

It is up to you whether you want a technician to come and set up the internet equipment at your home from Suddenlink or you want to install the internet on your own. If you are aware of how to set up Suddenlink at home, then you can do it manually without any assistance. 

How To Get Suddenlink To Lower My Bill?

If you are unable to pay the high bill amounts that are being charged for the Suddenlink services you are using, you can contact the customer service of Suddenlink and ask them to check into your account and see if there are any services that you are not using but are still being charged for and request them to cancel it for you. 

Wrapping Up

We hope that you have been successful in terminating your Suddenlink services in time without any trouble with the help of our article. Though assuming that you have found a much better network service provider this time, if you ever feel satisfied with that too, you can simply reach out to us for help to cancel it as well.

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