How To Cancel Spotify Free Trial In 3 Ways?

How To Cancel Spotify Free Trial In 3 Ways?

Ad-free music on Spotify, downloadable music, and unlimited skips, sounds pretty cool to Spotify users but only as long as one is getting these services for free. If you have also signed up for the Free Trial of Spotify to experience all this, then you might want to cancel it soon before you enter the paid billing cycle. 

We do not want to leave anything we are getting for free, right? No matter if it is a thing or a service. In the same way, a lot of people tend to try out the free trial of Spotify Premium just to experience how it feels to enjoy the exclusive services it provides. But this can go the wrong way if you don’t cancel the trial in time as you will have to pay for it then. 

To cancel your Spotify Free Trial, go to their website and log in to your account. Head to the Account page and open your current plan. Select the Change Plan option and you will see the button to Cancel your premium membership. 

To know all the different methods by which one can cancel their Spotify Free Trial, you should continue reading this article and get all the answers. 

How To Cancel Spotify Free Trial?

If you want to cancel the free trial subscription of Spotify Premium before you are charged for the paid period, then the steps for this will vary a little depending upon which device you have been using the subscription on. Let us provide you with the procedure for desktop, android devices, as well as iOS devices and then you can follow the steps for the method that is suitable for your device. 

How To Cancel Spotify Free Trial On Desktop?

If you have been using your Spotify Free trial on your computer, then the following few steps will be enough for you to cancel your free trial period subscription to Spotify on it. 

1. Launch Spotify on your computer and log in to your account.

2. Click on your display name towards the top right of the screen to open up a drop-down menu.

3. From the menu, select the “Account” section. 

4. On the Account Page of Spotify, you will be able to see your free trial plan that is going on. 

5. Click on the “Change Plan” option present under your plan.

6. Scroll through the options and then click on the “Spotify Free” option.

7. You can now select the “Cancel Premium” option and confirm your choice on the next page. 

As you do this, your Spotify Premium shall be canceled which means that you will not be directed to the paid plan after your free trial and no money shall be charged to you. 

How To Cancel Spotify Free Trial On Phone (Android)? 

If you are using an Android device or any other mobile where you have the Spotify app, you cannot cancel your free Spotify trial from that app, so, you need to refer to the web browser version of Spotify to cancel the subscription in no time. Here are the steps that you need to follow for this purpose.  

1. Open a web browser on your phone and head to the official website of Spotify.

2. Sign in to your Spotify account from which you have been using the free trial subscription.

3. Head to the account page of your account.

4. There, you will be able to see your current free trial plan. Tap on the Change Plan option below it. 

5. Scroll through the options and select the Spotify Free option that you see on the screen.

6. Then tap on the Cancel Premium option.

7. Follow up as directed when you are taken to the Cancel Premium page and confirm your decision for cancelation. 

How To Cancel Spotify Free Trial On Apple Devices?

If you are using an iOS device on which you have taken up your Spotify Free Trial, then you will have to use the same device in order to cancel it as well. Here are the steps that you can follow and easily cancel your Spotify Free Trial on iOS devices. 

1. Launch the Settings app of your iOS device and tap on your name at the top of the screen. 

2. Make sure that you are logged in from the right Apple ID and then tap on the Subscriptions option. 

3. Scroll through the list of all your active subscriptions displayed on the screen and select Spotify.

4. Then, tap on the Cancel button for your Spotify Free Trial and follow up as prompted to confirm the decision. 

Spotify Free Trial – FAQs

What Is The Different Between Spotify Free And Spotify Premium?

While through Spotify Free, you can listen to music at normal or high audio quality, Spotify Premium provides you with very high-quality streaming. Moreover, there are no ads in Spotify Premium as well as the content is downloadable which you can then listen to later when offline. 

How Long Is A Spotify Free Trial?

Spotify lets its users have access to its free trial for a period of three months from the time when the users sign up for it. Thus, for the first three months of using Spotify, you can have access to all the premium features offered by the platform only after which you will be required to pay for the services. 

Wrapping Up

We hope that you are not late in canceling your free trial of Spotify Premium with the help of our article and Spotify didn’t charge you any money for its paid services. If there is any other free trial that you want to cancel immediately, just let us know in the comments.

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