How To Cancel Twitch Prime Membership? 2 Easy Hacks!

Cancel Twitch Prime Membership

If you do not want your premium gaming experience on Twitch, then you can cancel your Twitch Prime membership. Or, if you have taken up the free trial of Twitch Prime, then you should terminate it immediately to prevent yourself from being charged for it. 

With access to the Twitch Prime membership, gamers get access to a wide range of in-game content which is exclusive. You get a chat badge of your own as well as exclusive emotes and a number of bonus games as well. However, all this sounds good as long as you are getting it for free, once you have to pay for it, you would feel like you do not need it that much.

To cancel your Twitch Prime membership, go to your Amazon account and open the Settings menu from your Account section. Tap on the Manage option of your prime membership and cancel your Twitch membership from there. You can also terminate your membership to Twitch Prime directly from the official website of Twitch.

To know in detail about the exact and simplified cancelation procedure of your Twitch Prime account, you should continue reading this article and get all the answers. 

How To Cancel Twitch Prime?

There are currently two ways in which you can cancel your Twitch Prime subscription on your own. Both methods are quite similar to each other the only difference is that in the first method, you require to cancel it from your Amazon account while in the other method, you can cancel the subscription directly from the official website of Twitch. 

How To Cancel Twitch Prime On Amazon?

Here are the easy steps that you can follow and have your Twitch Prime account membership canceled through your Amazon account. 

1. Head to Amazon and log in to your respective account where you have your Twitch Prime membership linked.

2. Tap on the “Your Account” option on the screen.

3. Go to the Settings menu from there. 

4. Here, you will see the “Manage Prime Membership” option on the screen, tap on it. 

5. Finally, you have to choose the “Cancel The Twitch Prime Membership” option and follow up as prompted towards the cancelation of your membership and confirm your decision. 

As you do this, your Twitch Prime membership will be terminated right away without any trouble. 

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How To Cancel Twitch Prime From The Website?

If you want to cancel your Twitch Prime membership directly from their own official website, then here are the steps that you are required to follow for that purpose. 

1. Head to a web browser of your device and open the official website of Twitch.

2. Log in to your respective Twitch account whose prime membership you would like to discontinue.

3. At the top right corner of the screen will be your profile icon, tap on it to open the profile menu.

4. Go to the Settings section of the menu.

5. Next, you have to select the “Connections” tab on the screen where you will be able to see all the accounts linked to this Twitch account of yours.

6. Look for your Prime account from this list and tap on the Disable button next to it.

7. At last, you just need to tap on the Confirm button to confirm your choice and your Prime account membership shall be canceled. 

Is There A Free Trial Of Twitch Prime?

Yes, those who are planning to use Twitch Prime would be glad to know that Twitch allows users to try out its Prime services for free for a period of 30 days of signing up. This is the free trial period of Twitch during which you get access to all the features and services that are included in a paid membership. 

However, once the trial period ends, you will be charged for it on a monthly basis at the cost of $14.99 for a month if you do not cancel the membership in time. 

Twitch Prime – FAQs

Can You Cancel Twitch Prime Mobile From Your Desktop?

No, the desktop methods of cancelation of your Twitch Prime membership are not going to work. If you want to cancel the membership, you will be required to refer to the mobile application of Twitch where you will find the cancelation options. 

Can You Redeem Your Free Subscriptions On Canceling Twitch Prime?

Once you cancel your Twitch Prime membership, all the free subscriptions that you had linked through it will also be canceled with that. If you want to have access to those subscriptions, you will have to link your accounts again. 

Wrapping Up

We hope that there is no query left in your mind regarding the cancelation of your Twitch Prime membership. However, if there is any other membership as well that you would not like to continue anymore, then we are more than happy to help you.

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