How To Cancel Scribd? 3 Ways That Help With Cancelation!

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If you are an intensive reader then you must have got the digital library services of Scribd. But if you feel that you have read enough or don’t want to continue using it for any other reason then you must cancel the service and we will tell you how.

Scribd is a subscription service that includes about a million titles of audiobooks and eBooks. Whether you are searching for best sellers or new releases, Scribd has it all in its digital library. You can initiate with a free trial. 

You will be able to cancel your Scribd subscription online from the official website by going to the Your Account page and canceling your subscription there. Cancelation is also possible on other platforms like Android and iOS devices. 

How To Cancel Scribd? How Do I Stop Automatic Payments On Scribd?

There are different modes that people can follow to cancel their Scribd subscription and these include canceling from the official website, via Google Play store, and also through App Store or iTunes. 

Cancel Scribd From Website

1. Visit the official Scribd website and Sign in to your profile account. You must now move to the Your Account page there.

2. Now navigate to the Subscription & Payment Details section on the page and then select End My Subscription or Cancel Subscription as shown there. 

3. You can initiate the cancellation procedure by selecting the link. Read out and follow the steps as mentioned in detail on the page.

4. When your subscription gets canceled, you will see a confirmation message on the screen. This will indicate successful cancelation. 

5. You may also receive an email for the same on your registered email address. 

Cancel Scribd On iOS Device

1. If you are canceling your subscription on a Mac device then you must first open the App Store and then select your name or the sign-in button at the bottom. 

2. Now select the View Information option that you may find at the top of the window. 

3. Scroll the page till you get to the Subscriptions and then click on Manage. Locate Scribd there. 

4. When you find Scribd, choose the Edit option there. Hit the Cancel Subscription button to confirm. 

5. If you are canceling the service on an iPhone or iPad then you must open the Settings app on your device. 

6. Sign in to your Apple ID if you are not already logged in. Go to Subscriptions and choose Scribd there.

7. Tap on the Cancel Subscription option and confirm the procedure. 

Cancel Scribd On Android

1. If you have purchased your Scribd subscription on Android via Google Play Store then you can easily cancel it from there. 

2. If you are canceling the subscription on a computer then you must go to 

3. Sign in to your Google Account and then choose My Subscriptions from the left. Look for your Scribd subscription from the subscriptions list and click Manage. 

4. Now hit the Cancel Subscription button and confirm the cancellation process. 

5. For canceling on any Android device, you should first launch the Google Play app and tap on your profile icon that you may see at the top right of the screen page. 

6. From the menu options, choose Payments & Subscriptions and then select Subscriptions. 

7. Find your Scribd subscription and then cancel it by tapping the Cancel Subscription option. 

How Can I Delete My Scribd Account?

You can delete your Scribd account from the official website or on your iOS device. 

Delete Scribd Account From Website

1. From the account you wish to delete, sign in to the Scribd website.

2. On the upper right of the screen, you will see the User icon, Click it.

3. Now choose Your Account from the drop-down menu and scroll till you get to the More options section. 

4. Click on the Delete Account option and follow the steps as they say to complete the procedure. 

Delete Scribd Account From iOS Device

1. Open the Scribd mobile app and sign in to your account. You will find the Account option at the bottom right of the screen, tap on it.

2. Now select the Account Information option and then tap on Delete Account. 

3. Follow the steps as prompted on the screen and delete your account. 

4. Once the procedure is completed, you will see an Account Deleted banner at the bottom of the screen page. 

Cancel Scribd- FAQs

Does Scribd Provide A Free Trial? How Can I Cancel Scribd Free Trial?

Yes, Scribd does provide a free trial to the users. For 30 days, you can use Scribd for free to listen to and read the books. During this time, you can go through the subscription benefits and then decide if you wish to keep the subscription. 

If you don’t want to continue after the free trial and also don’t want to pay for the subscription then follow the steps discussed above to cancel your free trial before it ends or you will be charged for the subscription. 

Why Can’t I Cancel My Scribd Subscription?

There are different ways that one has to follow to cancel their Scribd subscription and it depends on the platform you chose to purchase the subscription service. You can easily cancel it from the official website or on your Android or iOS devices. 

Follow the above-mentioned steps carefully and if you are unable to cancel then you might not be following the cancellation steps according to the platforms. Check your registered account, ensure an effective internet connection, provide the correct details, and then cancel. 

How Can I Contact Scribd Customer Service?

If you are having any problems using the Scribd service or have related queries then you can contact the Scribd Customer Support team and they will help you with it. Visit the Scribd Contact Us page and find the contact details there. 

Wrap Up

You may enjoy the Scribd subscription service well if you love reading but if you already got the subscription and don’t want to use it anymore then cancel it by going through the above-mentioned steps. For persisting problems, get in touch with Scribd Customer Support. 

Cancelling your subscriptions and memberships will become hassle free with easy to digest "How-to" articles by Rachel.

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