How To Cancel Affirm Order? Easy Cancellation Technique!!

how to cancel affirm order?

If you are in search of the best “Buy Now, Pay Later” platform, then you must try shopping with Affirm. You can shop with any of the shopping websites that are partnered with Affirm and choose Affirm as your payment option. But, if you no longer want to continue with it, then you can cancel Affirm anytime. 

Affirm is perfect for those people who want to shop from popular shopping sites but are unable to pay money at that moment. You can shop from the companies like Purple, Amazon, Target, Priceline, Walmart, and many more and pay them later with Affirm. You can pay in smaller amounts or fixed monthly installments with Affirm.

You can cancel your Affirm Order by reaching out to your store retailer, from which you purchased items, and submitting your request to cancel your Affirm Order. You will get the contact details of that particular store from its website. 

How Does Affirm Work?

How To Cancel Affirm Order- How Does Affirm Work?

Affirm is a financial platform, which provides you with the services of “Buy Now, Pay Later” which means you can do as much as shopping with companies (partnered with Affirm) and pay later. 

Affirm provides you with two types of payment plansPay in 4 interest-free payments every 2 weeks or you can choose Monthly installments. 

How You Can Buy With Affirm?

  1. Go Shopping: You can shop from your favorite online stores first that are partnered with Affirm. You can check the list of Affirm Partner companies on Affirm Website. 

  1. Choose Your Payment Term: You can then select the Affirm Payment Plan- 4 interest-free payments after 2 weeks or monthly payments. 

  1. Make your Payments: You can then manage your payments online or from Affirm App. Turn on “Auto Pay” on your Affirm account. Your payment will be deducted from your bank account at regular intervals. 

How To Cancel Affirm Order?

If you want to cancel your Affirm order, then you will have to contact your partner store (with whom you did your shopping) because all order cancellations can only be done by Affirm partner team. 

If your order is canceled, then your payment excepted to pay with Affirm can also be canceled within 21 working days. 

I’ve Canceled My Affirm Order, Why Is My Loan Still Active?

Once the retailer has canceled your order, it can take up to 28 days to show up in your PayBright Account. Within that time period, your loan can be canceled completely. If you still, see that your Loan Status is Active, then you can Contact Affirm Team. 

How To Close Affirm Account?

You can only close your Affirm Account if you do not have any pending payment installment. If you paid off all of your purchases from your Affirm Account and transfer all of your savings to another account, then you can close your Affirm Account. 

You can cancel or close your Affirm Account, by getting in contact with their customer service team. You have these methods to close your account. 

  1. Call: You can contact Affirm customer service number at (855) 423-3729. Tell them to cancel your account by giving them your account details. 

  1. Chat: You can chat with their team on Affirm Contact Page available in the bottom right corner of the screen.

  1. Send a Message: On their Contact Page, you can go to the “Send a Message” section and click on “Fill out the form”. Fill and submit that form to their team and they will contact you. 

Frequently Asked Questions

How To Get A Refund From Affirm?

In order to get back your refund, you need to contact the store from which you purchased the item. Then, the retailer will let you know whether you are eligible for a refund or not. 

If your refund request will be accepted then your refund will show up in your account within 3-10 working days. You can go to their Help Center Page & tap on the “Get a Refund” section to get more information. 

How To Cancel Affirm Scheduled Payment?

You can only cancel your scheduled payment 24 hours before its payment date with these steps- Login to your Affirm Account> Go to the “Pay” section> Select “Purchase”> Find the Scheduled Payment> Click on Cancel Payment. 

How To Cancel My Affirm Virtual Card?

Before its expiration, you can cancel your Affirm Virtual Card at any time from Affirm App or Affirm Website.

Steps to cancel Affirm Virtual Card from App: Open Affirm App> Click View card from the Affirm home screen tab> Click Cancel or Edit Card> Then, tap Cancel Card. 

Steps to cancel Affirm Virtual Card from Website: Open Affirm Website> Tap Virtual Card Timer from the Affirm homepage> Tap Edit Amount or Cancel Card> Then, select Cancel Card. 


You don’t have to worry about money before shopping because of Affirm. Affirm made it easy for you to pay for something in smaller installments. But, if you want to cancel your Affirm Order, then here’s how you can do so, as we mentioned in this article. 

You can visit Affirm Help Center for any kind of issue. Check out our article on how to cancel AfterPay Order. 

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