How To Cancel Apple Card? Did You Try These Steps!

cancel apple card

You might be using your Apple Credit Card to pay for your purchases. However, you also seem somewhat dissatisfied with the service as you are planning to cancel your card. No matter what your reason is, if you want to cancel your card then we will show you how. 

Apple Card or the Apple Credit Card can be used for payments and offers unlimited 3% Daily Cashback on your purchases at Apple. You can use it with Apple Pay or pay using the Apple Card itself. 

You will be able to cancel your Apple Card online or by contacting the Support team for the same. Cancelation can be done easily from the Wallet App or by dialing the Support contact number. 

How To Cancel Apple Card?

You can cancel your Apple Card online or by contacting the Apple Support team.

Cancel Apple Card Via Wallet App

1. To cancel online, first launch the Wallet App on your iPhone and tap the Apple Card option. 

2. Now hit the more (…) button that you will find on the screen page. 

3. You must now choose the Message option and this will allow you to connect to a representative. 

4. Request the cancelation of your Apple Card and give them the required details to confirm cancelation. 

Cancel Apple Card Via Phone Call

1. You may also contact Apple Card Support team to cancel your Apple Credit Card service.

2. Dial the Help number  (877) 255-5923 and get connected to a representative. Now follow the prompts as automated and this will connect you to a card specialist. 

3. Request them to cancel your Apple Card and provide them with your card and personal details.

4. Do as they say and cancel your Apple Credit Card. 

How To Remove Apple Card From Wallet?

You can easily remove your Apple Card from your wallet on your iPhone, Mac, and Apple Watch. 

Remove Apple Card On iPhone

1. Open the Wallet app on your iPhone and tap the Apple card that you wish to remove.

2. Now Tap on the More button and then hit the Card Details icon. 

3. Scroll down and choose the Remove This Card option. 

4. Confirm the procedure and you are done. 

Remove Apple Card On Apple Watch

1. Unlock your Apple Watch and then open the Wallet app. 

2. You will see your card options there, choose the card that you wish to remove. 

3. Now scroll down and tap the Remove option. 

Remove Apple Card On Mac

1. On your Mac, first navigate to the System Settings or the System Preferences option. 

2. Now choose Wallet & Apple Pay from the available options. 

3. Click on the Apple Card that you are planning to remove from the Wallet App. 

4. Select the Remove button and complete the procedure. 

Cancel Apple Card- FAQs

Does Closing Apple Card Affect Credit Score?

Yes, closing your Apple Card will definitely affect your credit score and may hurt your credit. This negative impact on your credit score will show you a drop and it may depend on your utilization. 

How To Close Apple Savings Account?

To close your account, you will have to contact the Savings Account specialist. You can get the desired help here. But prior to that, you must transfer your balance to an external account as per your choice. 

How Can I Contact Apple Card Support?

If you face problems using your Apple Card then you can contact Support for help. Go to Apple Card Support and select the option you need help with. Follow the procedure as they say and you are done. 

Wrap Up

If you are no more using Apple Card for your payments then you can cancel it or remove it from your wallet app. Just follow the steps as discussed above and cancel or remove your Apple Card. You can also contact Apple Support for more help or other queries. 

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