How To Cancel Roblox Premium? 4 Effective Methods!

how to cancel roblox premium

Gaming is of course fun but it gets even more interesting when you receive numerous other benefits and features with its subscription. But when you are finally done with your subscription, it is better to cancel and get a new one. If you purchased the Roblox Premium but now no longer wish to continue then we can help you cancel the Roblox Premium. 

Roblox Premium is a membership plan that provides players with extra benefits and features and also several discounts on in-game shopping. Even the benefits of trading items are provided on a monthly basis with a Robux allowance. But if you are not satisfied with the membership then you have the option to terminate. 

You can cancel Roblox Premium easily from the platform where you purchased the membership. Roblox Premium can be canceled from the app or the browser and also on your android, iOS, and Mac devices

How Much Is Roblox Premium?

With Roblox Premium, the users will be awarded monthly Robux also known as the in-game currency. The premium subscription also provides some extra features to the players with several other benefits. After purchasing the subscription, Robux is deposited into your Roblox account and whenever you buy Robux packages, you are provided with 10% more Robux. You can exchange these Robux in the game for real money during a sale. 

The players can purchase the Roblox Premium membership by logging in to their Roblox account and the membership plans are offered at – $4.99 a month which provides you with about 450 Robux a month. $9.99 a month which gives you about 1000 Robux a month. $19.99 a month which will give you 2200 Robux a month. Once you purchase the membership plan, it will automatically renew and you will be required to cancel it if you don’t want to use it anymore or pay more for your membership. 

How Can I Cancel Roblox Premium?

You can cancel Roblox Premium from the web browser or the app. Cancellation is also possible on your other devices. 

Cancel Roblox Premium On App/Web Browser

1. Log into your Roblox account from the web browser or the app. 

2. Navigate to the Settings section by clicking on the gear icon. 

3. From the My Settings page, choose Billing from the options available. This will show you your Membership status and the membership renewal date. 

4. Now hit the Cancel Renewal button and follow the steps as prompted to confirm the procedure. 

Cancel Roblox Premium On iOS Device

1. Open the Settings application on your iOS device. 

2. Tap on your name and Sign in to your Apple ID. 

3. From the Subscriptions tab, select the Roblox premium subscription that you wish to cancel. 

4. Now click on Cancel Subscription and confirm the settings. 

Cancel Roblox Premium On Mac Device

1. Open the App store application on your device and sign in to your account. 

2. Now select View Information from the top and on the next page, look for the subscriptions section. 

3. Click on Manage and then hit the Edit button next to your Roblox subscription. 

4. Click on Cancel Subscription and you are done. 

Cancel Roblox Premium On Android Device

1. Open the Google Play Store on your Android device to cancel your subscription. 

2. Tap on the profile icon at the top and then select Payments & Subscriptions

3. Now go to the Subscriptions tab and then select the Roblox Premium subscription that you wish to cancel. 

4. Hit the Cancel Subscription option and then Confirm the new settings. 

Cancel Roblox Premium- FAQs

Does Roblox Premium Cancel Automatically?

Roblox Premium membership is automatically renewed for the plan you selected. However, cancellation of the membership is not automatic. You will have to manually cancel Roblox Premium from the website or through your android, iOS, or Mac devices. Also, you will still be able to get the benefits of the membership even after canceling it till the membership renewal expiry date. 

Do You Lose Robux If You Cancel Premium?

If you cancel Roblox Premium, you can still get the benefits and enjoy the subscription till the end of your membership period. The benefits of Robux will also be available till the membership expiry date. After that, they may lose their value. 

How To Cancel Roblox Premium Without Logging In?

If you are unable to cancel Roblox Premium by logging in to your account then no worries, you can still cancel your membership by contacting their Customer Service department. You can dial their help number 888-858-2569 and speak to a representative regarding your membership cancellation or visit the Support page on the official website to learn more. 

Why Can’t I Cancel Roblox Premium?

You won’t be able to cancel your Roblox Premium membership if you logged in from a different account that you didn’t use during the membership purchase. You should only sign in from the right account and follow the steps of cancellation mentioned above. Contact their Support department if you are unable to cancel your membership. 

Wrap Up

A membership to Roblox Premium can provide you with the benefits you didn’t get before and even more Robux. But if you are already a member and don’t want to continue with the plan anymore then cancel it by following the detailed cancellation steps discussed above. Get in touch with the Roblox Customer Service department for more related queries. You can also cancel your WoW subscription and Minecraft Realms subscription.

Cancelling your subscriptions and memberships will become hassle free with easy to digest "How-to" articles by Rachel.

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