How To Cancel Minecraft Realms Subscription?

Cancel Minecraft Realms

If you are already a member of Minecraft Realms Plus subscription then you must have enjoyed playing with your friends there but if you no longer wish to continue the subscription then we can also help you cancel the subscription by providing you the correct steps. 

Minecraft Realms or Minecraft Realms Plus is a subscription plan available for gamers where they can play Minecraft with their friends on their own personal game server. With this subscription, you can get access to player skins, Minecraft worlds, support extra players, and much more. 

There are several platforms where you can purchase this subscription and canceling them is even easy from a similar platform. You can cancel Minecraft Realms on your iOS and Android devices, Xbox, Windows 10, PlayStation, and Amazon by following their particular subscription cancellation steps. 

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How Much Is Realms Plus Monthly Subscription? Minecraft Realms Subscription Plan And Charges

Minecraft Realms Plus is a subscription plan for users where they can play the game with their friends and on their own servers. You can purchase this subscription by paying $7.99 per month. The charges may differ in different countries. With this subscription, you can get unlimited access to more than 100 Minecraft Worlds, texture and skin packs, your personal game server can support up to 10 players simultaneously. You can choose from a recurring payment method or a six-month package

This version of Minecraft Realms is compatible with PlayStation, Windows 10 and above, Xbox, Nintendo Switch, and your iOS and Android mobile devices. Even your friends do not require a Realm Plus subscription to join your realm, you can just invite them for free and you all can enjoy your favorite game. 

How Can I Cancel Minecraft Realms? Cancel Java And Bedrock Edition

You can easily cancel your Minecraft Realms subscription from the similar platform you purchased by following those particular cancellation steps. 

Cancel Minecraft Realms On Android

1. On your Android device, open Google Play Store

2. Go to your profile and then choose Payments and Subscriptions

3. Select Subscriptions and then choose the Minecraft Realms Plus subscription from the options. 

4. Tap on Cancel Subscription and then confirm the procedure.

Cancel Minecraft Realms On iOS

1. Open the Settings app on your iOS device and tap on your name there. 

2. Sign In to your Apple ID and go to Subscriptions

3. Select Minecraft Realms Plus from your Subscriptions and then tap on Cancel Subscription

4. Follow the further steps as directed and you are done. 

Cancel Minecraft Realms On Xbox

1. From the similar account you used to purchase the subscription, go to Services and Subscriptions.

2. Look for your Minecraft Realms Plus Subscription

3. Select the Manage option and then click on Cancel

4. Go through the instructions directed by them and complete the cancellation process. 

Cancel Minecraft Realms On PlayStation

1. From your PlayStation, go to Account Management and Sign in by providing your email address. 

2. Go to the Subscriptions tab on the Menu.

3. Find the Minecraft Realms Plus option and then click on Turn off Auto-renew

4. Follow the further instructions and cancel the subscription on your console. 

Cancel Minecraft Realms On Windows 10

1. Visit the Microsoft Account page and provide your credentials to log in

2. Search for the Minecraft Realms Plus subscription in your account. 

3. Hit the Manage Subscription button and then click on Cancel Subscription

4. Do as directed and you will be able to cancel your subscription from your Windows. 

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Cancel Minecraft Realms On Amazon 

1. Sign In to your Amazon account from the email address you used to purchase the subscription. 

2. Look for the Digital Content and Devices box and from the list of numerous available options, choose Your Apps

3. Under the Manage tab, go to Your Subscriptions

4. Select the Minecraft Realms Plus subscription and then cancel it. 

Cancel Minecraft Realms Java Edition

1. To cancel your Minecraft Realms Java Edition, log in to your Minecraft account. 

2. You will now be present on your Minecraft Profile or Account page

3. To access your Subscriptions, navigate to My Wallet

4. You will see your next recurring payment. Click on the Pause button next to it to cancel your subscription. 

Why Can’t I Cancel My Minecraft Realms Subscription?

When you are trying to cancel your Minecraft Realms Plus subscription then you must make sure that you are logged in from the correct account and that you are following the specific subscription cancellation steps as they vary on each platform.

Sometimes, there can also be problems with your Platform servers or connections so wait for some time and then try again. If your problem still persists then you must contact the support team of the platform you are using to cancel your subscription. 

Another reason that you are unable to cancel your Minecraft Realms Subscription is that you are not following the required steps. Go through the steps we directed above and you will surely be able to cancel your Minecraft Realms subscription through them. 

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Cancel Minecraft Realms- FAQs

Can You Cancel Minecraft Realms Anytime?

Yes, you can cancel your Minecraft Realms anytime you want or reactivate it when required. From the My Subscriptions section of your account, select the Realm you wish to cancel and terminate the plan accordingly.

Does Canceling A Realm Delete The World?

If your Minecraft Realms subscription is inactive for about 18 months, this will delete your world and the realm from the servers of Minecraft. Also, once deleted, account will be unrecoverable.

Wrap Up

Minecraft is widely played and people enjoy the realms with their friends. A Minecraft Realms Subscription can provide you with even more perks and benefits and your friends can join for free.

If you no longer require the subscription then it is even easier to cancel it but as there are numerous platforms to get the subscription, there are also numerous ways to cancel it. Follow the cancellation methods we discussed above carefully and you will be able to end your subscription. 

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