How To Cancel SimpliSafe Subscription? Really Helpful Hack!!

How To Cancel SimpliSafe Subscription?

It feels like you are in search of the best home security services for your loved ones and you decided to take the services of SimpliSafe. But, if you are someone who already used this service and now want to cancel it, then here with the help of this article you will get to know about some proven ways to cancel SimpliSafe Subscription. 

When it comes to the security of your family, then the person can go to any extent. Especially those persons who have to stay away from their families because of their job should take the home security services like SimpliSafe. SimpliSafe is an American company that provides wireless home security systems such as Indoor & Outdoor cameras, Burglary sensors, Hazard sensors, Video Doorbells & Smart locks. 

You can easily cancel your SimpliSafe Subscription service by simply contacting the SimpliSafe Customer Service Team and requesting them to cancel the subscription. There is no other method of cancelation except contacting their team. 

Can You Cancel SimpliSafe? Cancellation Of Monitoring Plan

Yes, SimpliSafe allows you to start and stop your service at any time. You can cancel its monitoring plan at any time by just taking the help of its customer service team. Cancelation from SimpliSafe App & online cancelation is not available. 

How To Cancel SimpliSafe Subscription In Easy Steps?

If you no longer want to continue with your subscription services to SimpliSafe, then you can cancel it at any time by just contacting their customer service team and asking them to cancel your subscription. 

Follow these steps for smooth SimpliSafe Subscription cancelation. 

  1. Call the SimpliSafe Service team at 1-888-783-8441 and get connected with their team member on a call
  1. Ask them to cancel your Subscription and give them a reason for your cancelation
  1. They will try to convince you to not cancel your subscription by providing you with some offers, but you have to deny all of them and need to stick to your cancelation
  1. After that, provide them with your subscription details and other necessary information 
  1. They will then cancel your subscription 
  1. After cancelation, you will not get any security services from their side
  1. The best part is you don’t need to return any of their security equipment, even after cancelation. You can keep them with you. 

What Is SimpliSafe’s Return Policy?

SimpliSafe provides you with a 60 days return policy. You can try the SimpliSafe equipment at your home for 60 days and if you are not satisfied with them, you can return them within 60 days return window in order to get a full refund for your returned equipment. 

How To Contact SimpliSafe Customer Service?

Well!! In case of any kind of inconvenience, like if you are facing difficulty with SimpliSafe security equipment or for any general query, you can contact their service team during their working hours. There are three most possible ways to contact their team which include the following- 

  • You can make a call on SimpliSafe Contact Number at 1-888-910-1498 or 1-800-204-0542. You can call them from 8 am to Midnight ET. 
  • Get in touch with their team on their Social Media Handles- Twitter & Facebook

Frequently Asked Questions

Can You Get A Refund From SimpliSafe?

If you cancel your SimpliSafe Subscription, then you will not get a refund for canceling your subscription because its subscription fee is non-refundable.

But, when you return your SimpliSafe equipment within 60 days, then you will get a refund for your returned equipment. 

Does SimpliSafe Charge A Cancelation Fee?

No, you are not charged with any cancelation fee. You can cancel your SimpliSafe Subscription at any time without paying any fee. 

Does SimpliSafe Offer A Free Trial?

Well!! We can’t say it is a free trial, but SimpliSafe provides you with a 60 days money-back guarantee for your purchased equipment. 


Many people opt for SimpliSafe Security Services because they will analyze your problem and provide you with the security that you need within your budget. However, if you are someone who no longer required security services, then pick up your home and cancel your SimpliSafe service today by informing their service team. We also provide a guide on how to cancel My Alarm Center Service.

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