How To Cancel Allure Beauty Box? Easy Cancellation In 2 Ways!

how to cancel allure beauty box

If you have always been fascinated by beauty, makeup, and beauty products then you must have purchased an Allure Beauty Box subscription to receive exciting beauty products. But do you wish to continue with Allure Beauty or no longer need to receive their boxes? If you are planning to cancel the services provided by them then we can help you with cancellation. 

Allure Beauty Box prepares premium beauty product packages and delivers them to your address according to the subscription plan you selected to receive the products. You will receive about 5 different beauty products in your Allure Beauty Box which you can use to explore your makeup or beauty aesthetics. 

If you wish to end the service then you can cancel your Allure Beauty box by contacting their Customer Care department. You can either send an email with your subscription cancellation request or dial their help number for interacting with the representatives directly regarding your request

How Much Is Allure Beauty Box Subscription?

Allure has several beauty box subscriptions to choose from and you can select the plan that is best for you. 

Subscription PlanCharges
Monthly Plan $23/boxBilled monthly
Quarterly Plan$20/box$60 Billed every 3 months
Annual Plan $19/ box$228 Billed annually

The Monthly Plan of Allure costs $23 per box and you are charged monthly for that. The Quarterly Plan can be purchased for $20 per box and you will be billed $60 quarterly or every 3 months. You can also select the Annual Plan of Allure box which charges $19 per box and you are billed annually for $228

How Do I Cancel My Allure Beauty Box?

The customers are provided with two ways to cancel their subscription to Allure Beauty Box and they can choose the mode they are comfortable with. Cancellation could be done on phone by contacting the Support department over a call or by sending them an email accordingly. 

Cancel Allure Beauty Box Via Phone Call

1. You can dial the support number of Allure Beauty Box and tell them that you wish to cancel your subscription. 

2. Dial their help number  800-274-1603 and you will be connected to one of their representatives. 

3. Tell them that you want to cancel your subscription to Allure Beauty Box and do not need to receive the packages anymore. 

4. Provide them with your personal and subscription details that they may require for your cancellation. 

5. Do ask them for a confirmation message when your subscription cancellation is done. 

Cancel Allure Beauty Box Via Email

1. You can also interact with the Support department of Allure beauty regarding your subscription cancellation via email. 

2. Open the default email application on your device and compose an email for your request. 

3. In the Subject box, write down Cancel Allure Beauty Box and then request them to cancel your subscription. 

4. Provide them with the required subscription or other details and ask for a cancellation confirmation message when done. 

5. After you are satisfied with the email, send it to [email protected]. They will get back to you accordingly. 

Cancel Allure Beauty Box- FAQs

Can I Cancel My Allure Beauty Box Online?

No, you cannot cancel your Allure Beauty Box subscription online. The only two ways to cancel your Allure Beauty Box are by sending them an email with your subscription cancellation request or by speaking to their representatives directly by dialing their support number. Request them to cancel your subscription and they will help you accordingly. 

How Long Does Allure Beauty Box Take To Ship?

Your Allure Beauty Boxes are delivered to you monthly and when they are finished processing your box, you will receive it within 10 days after it is processed. It may take a day or more if there are issues with deliveries otherwise you will receive the products and your package within 10 business days. 

How Do I Contact Allure Beauty Box Customer Service?

If you have issues with your Allure beauty subscription service or have other related queries then you can contact their Customer Support department for the same.
For your queries, you can call the during the business days at 855-291-2258 or interact with them by sending them an email at [email protected]. You can write down your query in the email and they will respond to you soon as they receive the request.

Wrap Up

Allure Beauty Box provides you with new and different beauty products in each box and the package is received by you monthly as a subscription plan. If you don’t wish to receive any more of the products provided by them then you can follow the detailed cancellation steps that we discussed above.

For more of your related queries, you can easily contact the Allure Customer Support department and tell them about your issues. They will contact you accordingly. You can also cancel your Glossybox Subscription and BoxyCharm subscription.

Cancelling your subscriptions and memberships will become hassle free with easy to digest "How-to" articles by Rachel.

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