How To Cancel Purple Carrot? 4 Simple And Effective Steps!

how to cancel purple carrot

Did you order your meals from Purple Carrot to satisfy your vegan palate? If you are a regular to the meal services provided by Purple Carrot then there must be times when you no longer need an order you placed there. But are you aware of the cancellation procedure? If you wish to cancel Purple Carrot then we can help you with that. 

The meal-delivery service Purple Carrot provides plant-based meals to subscribers weekly. The meal ingredients are full of nutrients and the customers can choose from the several subscription plans available for them and get their meals delivered to their doorstep. 

If you are planning to end the services provided by Purple Carrot then it can be possible online from their official website by signing in to the My Account section. Contact their Customer Support for more details.

How Much Does Purple Carrot Cost?

Purple Carrot has several serving plans and you can select the one that best describes your needs. 

Serving Plans Charges
2-Serving Plan with 3 Dinners per Week$71.94  $11.99/serving
2 Serving Plan with 4 Dinners per Week$95.92$11.99/serving
4 Serving Plan with 2 Dinners per Week$79.92$9.99/serving
4 Serving Plan with 3 Dinners per Week$119.88$9.99/serving

The 2-Serving Plan provides 3 Dinners per Week and will cost you $71.94 in total. Each serving will charge you about $11.99. The 2 Serving Plan that provides you with 4 Dinners per Week will cost you $95.92 where each serving will cost $11.99. The 4 Serving Plan with 2 Dinners per Week charges you $79.92 where each serving costs $9.99. The 4 Serving Plan provides 3 Dinners per Week and can be bought for $119.88 and each serving will charge you $9.99

How Do I Cancel Purple Carrot?

If you are planning to terminate the services then you can easily cancel Purple Carrot online. 

1. Visit the official website of Purple Carrot and sign in to your account. 

2. Hit the letter icon at the top of the screen page and then navigate to the My Account page. 

3. Now move to the Account Settings and click on the Subscription Status to make the required changes. 

4. Now choose the Cancel My Account option and confirm the procedure. 

You will receive a notification and email that your subscription cancellation is confirmed. 

How Do I Skip Or Pause Purple Carrot?

You are allowed to skip or pause your Purple Carrot deliveries if you don’t require them for some time. 

1. Go to the official website of Purple Carrot and log in to your account. 

2. Navigate to the My Profile section on the screen page and then select Account Settings

3. You will see the Subscription Status option there, click on the Change button next to it. 

4. Now choose if you wish to Pause or Cancel the subscription. 

How Can I Contact Purple Carrot Customer Service Department?

If you want to cancel your Purple Carrot account and need details and information regarding the same then you can get in touch with their Customer Support department. 

Contact Purple Carrot Over Phone

1. Call the Purple Carrot representatives by dialing their help number 1-857-703-8188. 

2. You will be connected to one of their representatives and you can tell them about your service cancellation or other requests. 

3. Provide them with your account details and they will help you accordingly. 

Contact Purple Carrot Via Live Chat

1. The users can interact with the Support department through their Live Chat feature. 

2. Go to the official website of Purple Carrot and at the bottom of the page, you will see the Chat option, click it. 

3. Write down your queries there and they will reply with the best possible solutions. 

Contact Purple Carrot Via Email

1. You can also send your cancellation or other service-related queries to Purple Carrot through email. 

2. Open the default email app on your device and compose an email. 

3. Write down your query in the subject box and provide more description and your account details. 

4. When done, send the email to [email protected]. They will reply to you accordingly. 

Cancel Purple Carrot- FAQs

Can You Change The Delivery Date For Purple Carrot?

No, you won’t be able to change the delivery date for Purple Carrot as you already chose your home address there. You will, however, receive a message from them that would provide you with the order tracking information for you to keep tabs on it. 

How Do I Raise Purple Carrot Complaints?

For your complaints related to your Purple Carrot order or services provided by them, you can get in touch with the Customer Service of Purple Carrot. Contact them via phone call at 1-857-703-8188 or interact with them through Live Chat from the official page. You can also send an email for your complaint to [email protected]

Wrap Up

There are several Plant-based meal options provided by Purple Carrot then you can order and maintain your Vegan diet. But if you already placed an order but don’t need it anymore then you can cancel it by following the cancellation steps discussed above in detail. You can also pause or skip your Purple Carrot deliveries if you need a break from them. For more of your related queries, the Purple Carrot Customer Support department is there to help you. You can also cancel your Factor subscription and EveryPlate subscription.

Cancelling your subscriptions and memberships will become hassle free with easy to digest "How-to" articles by Rachel.

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