How To Cancel Protect Your Bubble Insurance? 3 Methods!!

How To Cancel Protect Your Bubble

Well!! In today’s time, mobile insurance is as much important as Life Insurance and most people take the Protect Your Bubble Insurance for it. But, now if you no longer need this Mobile Insurance policy, then here are some most possible ways to cancel Protect Your Bubble Insurance. 

Mobile Phones are the most important gadget in everyone’s life and the trend of taking insurance for your mobiles is at its peak and Protect Your Bubble is the top choice for it. Apart from providing Mobile and Gadget Insurance, it also offers rental and travel insurance.

In case, you wanna cancel any type of insurance policy with Protect Your Bubble, here are some ways to do so. 

You can cancel your Protect Your Bubble Insurance in these three ways- 

  • Cancel Over The Phone
  • Cancel Via Email
  • Cancel Via Writing

Can You Cancel Protect Your Bubble Insurance?

Yes, you can cancel Protect Your Bubble Insurance at any time. But it is recommended to cancel your policy within the first 14 days of the start of your coverage to get the full refund. You can still cancel your policy coverage after 14 days, but no refunds will be given and the insurance plan will be ended on the last day of your current month. 

How To Cancel Protect Your Bubble Insurance Over The Phone?

One of the most simple methods to cancel your Protect Your Bubble Insurance policy is to cancel it by getting the help of their customer service team. Yes, the process is very simple, you just need to make a call to Protect Your Bubble contact number at 0330 333 4792 and get connected with their team member after some time. You can call them during their working hours Monday to Friday from 8 am to 6 pm. 

You can then make a request to their member to cancel your policy by providing them with your insurance details and if the cancelation is possible, they will surely do it for you. 

How To Cancel Protect Your Bubble Insurance Via Email?

In most of the Insurance companies, you also got the option to cancel your insurance policy by sending your cancelation request to their team via email, and Protect Your Bubble also has an email option. This option is useful, especially for those who do not like to talk with someone directly over a call. 

To cancel an insurance policy via email, you just need to compose a well Email in which your objective about insurance cancelation is clear and all the necessary details are included in the body of the email. After that, you can send that composed email to the Protect Your Bubble Customer Service Email Address which is [email protected] 

How To Cancel Protect Your Bubble Insurance Via Writing?

Well!! That method is not so preferred by many people, but we must tell you it should be an important and effective method too. Yes, we are talking about canceling the policy by sending a cancelation notice to their Mailing Address. 

Compose a written letter regarding your insurance cancelation and send it to their team via mail at the below-provided address. 

Policy Administration Manager

Protect Your Bubble

PO Box 1033

Uxbridge UB8 9PX

Once your letter is received by their team, they will look into your matter and will contact you soon according to the contact information provided by you in the letter. 

How To Contact Protect Your Bubble Customer Service?

The ways from which you can contact their customer service team for any kind of inconvenience include the following-

You can also visit Protect Your Bubble Contact Us Page for more detailed contact information for various insurance policies. 

Frequently Asked Questions

How Soon Can I Claim To Protect Your Bubble Insurance?

You need to make your claim as soon as possible in the case of loss, theft, or damage. As mobile is a crucial part of life, it needs to be blocked immediately. So, as soon as your mobile is lost or damaged, you need to tell them about the insurance team by claiming it. 

You can make your policy claim online by using My Policy To Make A Claim. Or contact their customer support service team to inform them about it. 


We hope that you found the most effective and approachable ways to cancel your Protect Your Bubble Insurance Policy. Make sure to cancel it within its 14-day cooling off for getting a refund after cancelation. In case, you have State Farm Insurance, then you can also cancel your State Farm Insurance policy. 




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