How To Cancel Artlist Subscription & Get A Refund?

How To Cancel Artlist Subscription

Are you a Content Creator on Social Media or by Profession? If yes, then you must have used Artlist at some point for adding music to your videos. But, according to the videos and effects, you need to change the format of your video editing and for this, you need to cancel Artlist Subscription and want to use a better platform service. 

If you are editing video projects for films or television serials, then what is the most part of making an attractive video? Well!! Obviously, it is the sound or music that the video contains. Right? So, by providing you with a large variety of sound effects and free royalty music, Artlist is a platform specially made for media production tasks. But, if for any reason, you want to cancel Artlist, then here are some ways for it. 

You can cancel your Artlist Subscription at any time by getting in touch with their customer support service team or you can cancel its renewal option from your Artlist Account. 

Can You Cancel Your Artlist Subscription?

Yes, you can cancel your Artlist Subscription at any time by turning off its next renewal from your Artlist Account, so that you won’t be charged for its next auto-renewal subscription plan. 

How To Cancel Artlist Subscription Before Renewal?

Follow these steps to cancel your Artlist Subscription online. 

  • Go to Artlist Website and log in to your account
  • Navigate to Plans & Billings section
  • Then, tap on the icon with 3 dots next to your Payment Information
  • Head towards the Subscription info
  • Tap on the Cancel Renewal option
  • Add your feedback and confirm your cancelation
  • A confirmation message will be seen to you when the subscription is canceled
  • After these steps, your Artlist Renewal Subscription will be canceled.

How To Cancel Artlist Subscription After It Was Renewed?

If your Artlist Subscription plan was recently renewed and you don’t want to continue with its service anymore, then for its cancelation, you need to contact their customer support service team by filling out their Contact Form and they will get back to you with the possible solutions along with the refund policy. 

How To Cancel Artlist Free Trial?

You can start using your Artlist Subscription from its “Free Trial” first. You will get a free sign-up and your Artlist Free Trial period begins. You can have access to its watermarked music to use in your videos with its free account and you can also curate collections of your favorite assets. But, if you want to use unrestricted watermarked footage, then you need its paid Subscription. 

If you are currently on its Free Version, then to cancel your Artlist Free Trial, you need to contact their team to cancel your free trial. 

How To Get Artlist Refund?

Artlist’s Refund Policy is very simple and straightforward. The criteria to qualify for a refund is that when you cancel, your payment would be made in the last 14 days and you have not downloaded any kind of content from Artlist.  

To request a Refund, you need to fill out their Contact Form with your name and account details, and other required details. Send the form to their team and their team is available to help you. 

Frequently Asked Questions

How Can I Contact Artlist Customer Support?

You can contact their team by clicking on the Contact Us button from the bottom of the Artlist Website and filling out their contact us form or you can message them on their Twitter Account. 

What Is The Subscription Plan For Artlist?

Artlist Pricing starts from $9.99 to $16 per month. 


At last, it is confirmed that whether you are on your Artlist Free Trial period or at its Paid Subscription, cancelation is possible for both. Read the article again before canceling your Artlist Subscription or Account. 


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