How To Cancel Order On Aliexpress? Return & Refund Policy!!

How To Cancel Order On Aliexpress?

Do you know what is the most frequent thing that occurs mostly in online shopping? Well!! That must be order cancelation and there is no surprise that you want to cancel order on AliExpress. If you want to know its order cancelation details, then read the entire article up to its end. 

Well!! Not only just clothing or accessories, if you want to shop your basic requirements products from one platform, then AliExpress is best for you because it provides almost all varieties of products including- clothing, fashion, accessories, electronics, home appliances, beauty items, and many more things on a very affordable price. 

You can cancel your order on AliExpress from your AliExpress Account by clicking the Cancel Order button from the My Orders section. Get to know about the cancelation procedure for paid and unpaid orders later in this article. 

Can You Cancel Your AliExpress Order?

Yes, you can cancel your AliExpress Order before it is shipped. It means you need to be quick in canceling your order otherwise once it is shipped you are not allowed to cancel it. 

How To Cancel Order On AliExpress (Unpaid)?

Before canceling your order, you need to first check the Status of your Order. If your order status is “Awaiting Shipment” (the order is not shipped or not picked up by the carrier yet) or “Awaiting Fulfillment”  (which means your order is still in processing) then you can follow these cancelation steps to cancel the order on AliExpress.

  • Log in to your AliExpress Account and go to the “My Orders” section
  • Find the order you want to cancel and select it 
  • Click on Cancel Order and choose a cancelation reason from the pop-up box 
  • Submit your Cancelation Request 

How To Cancel Order On AliExpress (Paid)?

If you already paid for your order, then your cancelation request must be approved by the seller first. If a request is accepted by the seller, then the seller does not ship your order and the transaction will also get failed. 

Follow these steps in that situation-

  • Tap on Request Order Cancellation. Choose the Appropriate reason for cancelation
  • Wait for the confirmation from seller. Your order canceled automatically if the seller does not reply to your request within 72 hours 
  • Refund will be automatically credited to your account within 3-20 days. 

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How To Return Order On AliExpress?

AliExpress provides you with 15 days free return policy. If you do not like the quality of any of their products, then you can return your Product within 15 days of receiving it.

Make sure that your products are in their good and original condition (used and non-defective) before you make a return. If your product will found to be in any kind of worst condition, then AliExpress has the authority to cancel your Return Request. 

How To Cancel AliExpress Order And Get a Refund?

The refund policy of AliExpress is very simple and straightforward. If you cancel your order and have done the Pre-Paid Payment, then once your order cancelation request is accepted by the seller, they will not ship your order and your transaction will also be canceled. If the seller does not respond to you within 72 hours, then your order will be canceled automatically and your refund amount will be sent back to you within 20 working days.                                                                                 

In case of Returns Follow these Steps to request a refund on AliExpress

  • Make sure to apply for a refund within 15 days of receiving it
  • Navigate to My Orders and tap on Open a Dispute from the Order Page
  • Give a reason why they will give you a full or partial refund and submit your refund request. 
  • If a request is approved within 3-20 days you will get your refund. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Can You Cancel The Order On AliExpress After It Is Shipped?

No, you are not allowed to cancel your order once it is shipped. Then, the only way for you is to receive the order from the delivery agent and submit a return request for your order. 

What To Do If AliExpress Order Cancelled By Seller?

If you find out that your order is canceled by Seller, then you need to Contact the Seller immediately and ask about the reason and its solution. 

Why There Is No Option To Cancel My Order On AliExpress?

AliExpress No Cancel Order Button: This means that you are not allowed to cancel your order, as it is shipped by the seller. 

How To Contact AliExpress Seller?

Click on the Contact button from the AliExpress Website to get in touch with their team. You can visit AliExpress Help Center. 


With this, we hope that now you are fully prepared to cancel your AliExpress Order on your own. Just check the status of your order and then go with the cancelation steps.

If you are facing any problems while canceling an order online, then you can contact your seller for that. 

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