How To Cancel Prezi Subscription? Online Cancelation Steps

How To Cancel Prezi Subscription?

Whether you are a businessman or a student, Prezi is helpful to you in every aspect. You can create videos, presentations, and impressive charts with this tool. 

You can access its services according to your requirements. If you have more tasks, then its paid subscription service is best, otherwise, free service is all time available. 

While using its paid subscription, if at any point you feel like you want to cancel, then you have some steps to cancel your Prezi Subscription.

To cancel your Prezi Subscription, you have to cancel the license from your Prezi Account or wait for the license to expire at the end day of your current subscription plan. 

How To Cancel Prezi Subscription Online?

To cancel the Prezi Subscription, you have to cancel your subscription license. Follow these steps to cancel the Prezi Subscription License. 

  1. Go to the Prezi Website
  2. Login to your Prezi Account
  3. Go to the Account Settings page
  4. Click on the “License” tab
  5. Tap on the Cancel Subscription button
  6. Give the answer to some questions
  7. Then, click on the Continue button

How To Delete Prezi Account?

You will lose all of your work from the Prezi Account after its deletion.  

Make sure that your Prezi subscription is canceled before deleting the account because deleting the account does not mean that your subscription is automatically canceled. Even, after deleting the account, you will be charged for its subscription. 

That’s why it is recommended to cancel the subscription first, then delete the Prezi Account.   

Follow these steps to delete your Prezi Account-

  1. Login to your Prezi Account
  2. Go to the Account Settings section
  3. Click on the “Profile” tab
  4. Tap on the Delete Account button from the right side
  5. Open your Email and you will receive a confirmation link from their team
  6. Click on that link to confirm your deletion

How To Request Prezi Refund?

If you cancel your Prezi Subscription within 14 days of purchasing it and you have not used any of its subscription benefits. Then, you will get your refund. 

Go to the “Submit a Refund Request” page to request your refund. Click on “Submit Refund Request”. Fill out the form and click the “Send” button. Your refund request will be submitted to their team. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Prezi Free? How To Cancel Prezi Free Trial?

Yes, you can start using Prezi services free for 14 days. If you are currently in Prezi’s free trial, go to your Prezi Account and tap the Cancel Free Trial button to cancel the Prezi Free Trial. 

How To Renew Prezi Subscription?

You can renew your Prezi Subscription at any time from your Prezi Account. Go to the Account Settings section> Select the “License” tab> Tap on “Renew Subscription”. 

How Much Does Prezi Subscription Cost?

After a 14-day free trial, Prezi’s most popular subscription plan is the Prezi Plus Plan ($12 per month). You can also take Prezi Standard Plan ($5 per month) and Premium Plan ($16 per month). 

How To Contact Prezi Customer Service?

You can contact the Prezi Support Team by filling out their Contact Form. You can send your queries in written form to their team: Prezi Inc. 101 Broadway, 2nd Floor Oakland, CA 94607

You can go to the Prezi Contact Page for more contact information. 


If you have already completed all of the assigned tasks with Prezi, and no work is left. Then, there is no need for you to unnecessarily pay for its subscription. 

Follow the steps mentioned above and cancel your Prezi Subscription.

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