How To Cancel Slides AI Subscription? Try Out These Methods

How To Cancel Slides AI Subscription?

Okay!! We understand that you took the Subscription to Slides AI to create your presentations quickly. But, now as your office workload becomes less, there is no need for you to keep your subscription. So, you decided to cancel Slides AI. 

Slides AI is a free tool that can be used by everyone to create AI-generated slides for their presentations. They can create your presentation slides within seconds which will save time. So, that you utilize your time and energy by adding quality content in the presentation. 

To cancel your Slides AI Subscription, go to Your Account tab and look for the button to cancel the subscription. As you click the button, your subscription will be canceled. 

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How To Cancel Slides AI Subscription Online?

Here are the steps that you can take to cancel the Slides AI Subscription-

  1. Open this Slides New link on your laptop browser
  1. Create a rough presentation
  1. Open SlidesAI through Extensions
  1. Then, go to SlidesAI> Generate Slides
  1. Select Your Account tab and go to its bottom
  1. There you will find a Cancel Subscription link. 
  1. Open the link and tap on Cancel Subscription

How Can You Cancel Slides AI Subscription Via Email?

Well !! This is the question of almost everyone. Can you cancel the subscription by contacting the service team? In most cases, it is a big yes, as the customer service team is available for your help. So, you can take any type of help from them. 

To get assistance in canceling the Slides AI Subscription, you can get in touch with their customer service team via email at [email protected] 

They will analyze your Email Request and definitely contact you to provide you assistance. 

5 Best Slides AI Alternatives

If you want to explore more AI tools in the field of creating presentations, then here are some of the best tools for that. 

  1. Beautiful AI: You can use this tool to enhance the beauty and look of your presentations. You can try this subscription, and after some time you can also cancel your Beautiful AI Subscription.
  1. Tome: This tool helps you to create your presentations with their AI-generated designed slides. They also offer templates. 
  1. Simplified: Another AI-generated tool creates presentations specially designed for teamwork. You can check out amazing fonts in it. 
  1. Prezi: This AI tool is so powerful that it can add a powerful impact on your normal slides and give them a job-ready presentable look. 
  1. Kroma: This tool is mostly used by eBay and Apple for creating great presentations. You can also use this tool.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Is A Slides AI Refund Policy?

If you find out that the Slides AI subscription does not suit your needs, then make sure you cancel the subscription within 2 days of purchasing it, to get a full refund. 

But, if in these 2 days, you use more than 5 slides with a Slides AI subscription, then your refund will be canceled. 

Is Slides AI Free For Everyone?

Yes, Slides AI is a free tool that can be accessed by anyone without any cost. But, if you want to explore more benefits of it, then you have to go for their subscription plans. 

How Much Does Slides AI Subscription Cost?

You can get its Basic Plan absolutely free. But, in their subscription plans, you will get high-level benefits at the cost of Rs 996.84 per month (Pro plan) and Rs 1993.68 per month (Premium Plan). 

How Can You Contact Slides AI Customer Service?

To contact their support service team, you can access their Live Chat feature from the right corner side of the Slides AI Website. Connect with their team at [email protected] 


We hope that you found this information on “How to cancel Slides AI Subscription” useful. Well !! Just don’t go with the words. Try these cancelation steps on your end and decide whether they are working or not. 

In case of any query, just drop a message or email to their support team.

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