Two Effective Ways To Cancel NovelAI Subscription !!

Two Effective Ways To Cancel NovelAI Subscription !!

Are you running out of your story ideas? If yes, then you can take the subscription to the NovelAI tool to get the latest and unique story ideas for your novels or books. 

NovelAI is an AI tool that helps you in getting the idea for your next story and helps you generate the story content within seconds so that it exactly looks like a human-written context. 

Well!! After using NovelAI Subscription for a long time, if you wanna cancel it, then you can do so by reaching out to their customer support service team. 

NovelAI Subscription Pricing Plans

Here are some of the plans for NovelAI.

  1. Paper Free Trial: To try the services of NovelAI. It is of no cost
  2. Tablet Plan: $10 per month (USD)
  3. Scroll Plan: $15 per month (USD)
  4. Opus Plan: $25 per month (USD)

How To Cancel NovelAI Subscription? NovelAI Delete Account

Well!! You are free to subscribe to NovelAI as much as you want. But, there obviously comes a time when you don’t need the subscription as much. So, what you will have to do in that situation? 

Obviously, you must cancel the NovelAI Subscription as there is no point in keeping its subscription when you don’t make use of it. 

But, still, there are many people who still don’t know, how to cancel the NovelAI subscription in the correct way. 

The only way to cancel the NovelAI Subscription is to contact their Support team and ask them for cancelation. There are no online steps to cancel the NovelAI Subscription. 

Cancel NovelAI Subscription Via Email

You can cancel your NovelAI Subscription by sending a cancelation email to their support team at the following Email Addresses: [email protected] & [email protected] 

They will reply to your Email or contact you as soon as possible. 

Cancel NovelAI Subscription Via Mail

You can also cancel the NovelAI Subscription by sending a written cancelation letter to their Support team at the following mailing address: 1309 Coffeen Ave. Suite 1200 Sheridan WY, 82801 United States.

Make sure that you include all the information related to the subscription, plus your personal details in the mail so that as soon as they receive your letter, there is no way for them to reject your letter. 

How To Contact NovelAI Customer Service?

In case of any issues, you can contact their team at any time via email at [email protected] and reach out to their support team at [email protected] 

You can also send your queries to 1309 Coffeen Ave. Suite 1200 Sheridan WY, 82801 United States.


You have used the subscription to NovelAI for a long time, and have taken a lot of advantage of it by generating stories, and novel content from it. 

Be quick and contact their customer support team and cancel the subscription today. After cancelation, you are free to try the other AI services too.

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