How To Cancel A Pre Order Game On PS5?

Cancel A Pre Order On PS5

Your excitement can lead you to many decisions that you might regret later. No, it’s not that serious, but it might have happened to you that you made a pre-order on PS5 that you don’t need anymore. If this has happened to you then we can help you cancel your Pre-Order on PS5. 

PlayStation is a huge platform for you to get your favorite products or games. You can also pre-order some products or games through your PlayStation before their release to get them immediately. Search for what you want and place your order at the same moment. 

If you want to cancel a Pre-order on PS5 then it can be possible by visiting the official website through your web browser. You can find out your pre-order from there and cancel your order anytime you want. 

Can I Cancel A Pre Order Game On Play Station?

When it is about canceling a pre-order on PS5 then there are some protocols that you must be aware of before placing an order on your PS5.

If the product or the game you want is not yet released or not available for you to use then you get an option to cancel your pre-order before its release date.

Also, you must not have even installed a DLC from the product you made a pre-order for. But what if the game is already released?

Well, in that case, you still have the option to cancel it within 14 days of its purchase only if you haven’t made any downloads or installments from the product.

If any of the above-mentioned is your situation right now then you will be able to cancel your pre-order. 

How Do I Cancel A Pre Order On PS5?

1. From your default browser, visit the official website of PlayStation

2. On the top of the screen page, hit the Support button. You will be required to click on Support again. 

3. Next, click on Online Assistant at the bottom of your screen. 

4. This will pop up a chat section and you must provide your name as asked by the bot. 

5. They will start the chat and you can select Refund Eligibility from the available options. 

6. You will then be asked to confirm if you are the owner of the account so click on the Yes option. 

7. Next you will be asked what kind of purchase you would like to be refunded, select Cancel Pre-order

8. You will be asked if the game has already been released, click on No if it hasn’t. 

9. Next, you will be asked to provide your sign-in ID

10. After verifying all your details, your pre-order will be canceled and you will be refunded accordingly. 

How To Cancel A Pre Order On PS4?

1. Visit the PlayStation website and navigate to the Account Management section there. 

2. Go to your Accounts window and then select Transaction History

3. From the options, you can now choose the pre-order you wish to cancel

4. Now click the Cancel button and this will terminate your pre-order. 

This option is available for you if you are able to cancel the order about 2 days prior to its release. If the game is already released then you can try contacting Sony for that. 

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How Long Does It Take To Refund A Game On PS5?

You can cancel your PS5 pre-order from the official website and request a refund from Sony PlayStation. As soon as they receive your refund request, it might take about 10 business days for them to process your request.
However, the days can increase depending on the bank you selected. Go through the refund and cancellation policy for PlayStation for more such queries. Visit PlayStation Support and select Refunds for more details. 

Why Is PlayStation Showing Pre Order Glitch?

Some of the users have mentioned that they are facing a glitch with their PlayStation Pre-orders. This can be possible when there are either problems with your pre-order or the platform itself isn’t working well.
You can try logging in to your account again or try restarting your PlayStation console. You can also wait for some time and then start your procedure again. 

Will PS5 Pre Orders Download Automatically?

PS5 pre-orders won’t download by default. If you don’t want to waste even a second then you can already set up automatic downloads.
This will download your order immediately after it is released. The content download will be initiated asap as it is available. 

Wrap Up

If you couldn’t wait for your favorite game or product and placed a pre-order immediately and now don’t require it anymore then don’t worry, you are not the only one who commits this mistake.

You can always cancel your pre-order if it isn’t released yet or even after its release within a specific period of time.

Follow the cancellation steps as discussed above and complete the procedure. Do visit PlayStation Support for more details regarding your queries.

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