How To Cancel Quick Quack Membership? 3 Simple Ways!

Cancel Quick Quack Membership

You have bought the car, but what about its upkeep? Like the human body, your private vehicle also needs maintenance. Well!! For your body, you have gyms and all but what about your car?

Many people are just taking Quick Quack memberships for it. You can also give it one shot and cancel at any time if you ever feel like this membership is not worth it for you. 

Quick Quack is a car wash that operates its company in Roseville, California. It has over 100 locations in Utah, California, Texas, Colorado, and Arizona. It provides a car wash subscription service that allows customers to receive unlimited washes for a monthly fee.

You can cancel your Quick Quack membership at any time. Go to the Contact Us Page> Click on “Request Cancel” >complete your cancelation form> submit it to their team. 

What Are Quick Quack Membership Plans?

Quick Quack car wash pricing and membership plans start at $21.99 per month with 3 types of packages- 

  • Good
  • Lucky Ducky
  • Ceramic Duck

Pricing of each package depends on your “Quick Quack Location”. To see their pricing, you need to enter your zip code first. 

To become a member or to take its membership, follow these steps:

  • Visit Quick Quack’s Website
  • Select your preferred car wash package
  • To sign up, tap on “myQQ” from the top
  • Register and create your account
  • Add your “License Number or VIN” 

Can I Change My Membership Plan? Yes, You can change your membership plan at any time just by submitting a request for it. You can also request assistance from the Quick Quack wash team. 

How To Cancel Quick Quack Membership?

You can cancel your Quick Quack Membership by giving at least 10 days’ notice before your next renewal date.

You can try these 3 methods to cancel your Membership with Quick Quack which are explained below: 

  • Canceling Via Contact Form
  • Canceling Via Phone Call
  • Canceling Via Email

Let’s understand these methods one by one in detail!

Cancel Quick Quack Membership Via Contact Form

Here are the steps to cancel your membership by cancelation form from its website:

How To Cancel Quick Quack Membership? 3 Simple Ways- Cancel Quick Quack Membership Via Contact Form
  • Click on the “Contact Us” button
  • You will get a form, Fill it out
  • Select “Request Cancel” from the drop-down menu for the “Please your issue below section”
  • Enter your “Email ID”
  • Enter your “License Plate Number” 
  • Add “Description” and complete the form
  • Hit the “Submit” button. 

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Cancel Quick Quack Membership Via Phone Call

You can also cancel your membership by getting in touch with their customer support service team over the phone call by calling Cancel Quick Quack Phone Number 888-772-2792 and asking them to cancel your membership. They will surely help you out with this. 

Cancel Quick Quack Membership Via Email

If you are not a calling type of person, then you can also choose the “email” option to cancel your Quick Quack Membership.

By the way, we must tell you in comparison to the phone call, emailing them will take some time to cancel your membership. But will surely be done with cancelation. 

For this, you just need to email them a proper mail regarding your membership cancelation with all the necessary information about your account and send them to [email protected]

Frequently Asked Questions

What Is Quick Quack Refund Policy?

If you cancel your membership quickly, you will get no refunds for your cancelation. Well!! To be straightforward, Quick Quack works on a non-refundable policy. 

If Quick Quack itself cancels your membership without any reason prior to the end of your billing period, then, in that case, you have little chance of getting a refund. 

Can You Pause Your Quick Quack Membership?

No, you are not allowed to pause your Quick Quack Membership. The only way to get rid of it is by permanently canceling its membership. 

Is There A Cancellation Fee For Quick Quack?

Yes, there is a cancellation fee if you plan to terminate your membership. If you cancel your membership within the initial 45 days of purchasing it then you will be charged with $5 cancellation fee.

How To Contact Quick Quack Customer Service?

You can contact the Quick Quack customer service team at 888-772-2792 or [email protected]. Contact them by submitting the “Contact Us”.


Quick Quack works on the Don’t Drive Dirty policy! This means they will take the responsibility of maintaining the outer look of your car by washing it at proper intervals.

You just need to take its unlimited car wash service and they will also give you the option to cancel your service at any time with a simple cancelation policy.  

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