How To Cancel Pottery Barn Order? 4 Effective Steps!

Cancel Pottery Barn Order

Choosing the best furniture and other decorations for your abode can be a challenging task and Pottery Barn can be a good choice here. But what if you ordered an amazing item but suddenly no longer require it? Well, in that situation, all you need to do is cancel your Pottery Barn order and we will help you with that. 

Pottery Barn is a popular home furnishing store chain and numerous people order their home and office furniture from there. You can also get the best design ideas for your place and select the best items that would enhance its beauty. 

If you don’t wish to continue with an order you placed then you can easily cancel your order anytime you wish to by calling their Customer Service number. You can also return your items in-store or by contacting their representatives at the Support team. 

How Do I Cancel My Pottery Barn Order?

You can cancel an order placed on Pottery Barn by contacting the Customer Service department for the same. 

1. Dial the Customer Service number 1.888.779.5176

2. You will be connected to a Pottery Barn representative and you can talk to them. 

3. Tell them that you wish to cancel your Pottery Barn order and provide them with your order details. 

4. They will tell you if your order could be canceled and what all steps you need to follow to complete the procedure. 

However, you must understand that not all deliveries can be canceled on Pottery Barn. For instance, you cannot cancel Front Door deliveries as they are expected for quick arrival and thus processed immediately. 

Can I Return A Pottery Barn Order? 

Yes, the eligible items can be returned on Pottery Barn and for that, you must first check out from the official website if your order is eligible for return and refund. You can return your order to Pottery Barn through a UPS location, by calling Customer Support, or in-store. The items could be returned within 30 days of the order being received. 

UPS Return 

1. Place your ordered item to be returned in the box. 

2. Print the return label from their Returns Service page by providing your order details. 

3. Place the label over the box and drop it off at a UPS location. 

Calling Customer Service

1. Dial the Pottery Barn Customer Service number 1.888.779.5176

2. Tell the agent that you wish to return your order. 

3. They will review if your order is eligible for return and will inform you accordingly. 

4. Follow the steps as directed by them and return your order. 

Return In-Store

1. It is easy to return your Pottery Barn non-furniture orders in-store and that too for free. 

2. You will be required to bring your gift or original receipt to complete the return. 

3. Tell the representative of the store that you want to return your order and give them the package with your receipt. 

4. Follow the steps they say and you are done. 

What Is Pottery Barn Refund Policy?

You will get a refund for your return according to your purchase payment and order items. If you return an order with an original receipt then it can be refunded in the form of your original payment method. A Gift Receipt will be refunded as a Merchandise Credit. The cash or cheque returns might take up to 14 business days to reflect in your account. Also, you must know that the Delivery Fees are non-refundable for your orders.

You will not be able to return or receive a refund for Monogrammed items or personalized items or furniture orders. The damaged items also won’t be accepted for a return or for a refund. 

Cancel Pottery Barn Order- FAQs

How Do I Cancel My Pottery Barn Delivery Surcharge?

To cancel your Pottery Barn delivery surcharge and to ensure that you don’t have to pay for your order delivery, you must visit the all free shipping section from the official website. You can select from the list of numerous available items and choose your favorite products that do not need you to pay for their delivery charges. 

How Long Does Pottery Barn Hold Orders?

You will receive an email from the official team that your order is ready for pick up and the email will also present the last date of it. They mostly hold your items for about 5 days from the day they send you the email. 

Does Pottery Barn Have Live Chat?

Yes, Pottery Barn does have a live chat feature which is known as Design Chat where you can interact with the experts for more information and suggestion for designing ideas and more. Go to the official website and click on the Start a Free Design Chat button at the bottom of your screen page. Write down your query there and they will answer you accordingly. 

Wrap Up

Pottery Barn can be a good choice for choosing the best items to decorate your place but there can be situations when you ordered an item but no longer need it. You can then easily cancel your order through their Support service and even return an order by following the steps we discussed above. Go through the refund policy of Pottery Barn to find out if your return order is eligible for a refund and contact Customer Service for more of your related queries. You can also cancel your Williams-Sonoma Order.

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