How To Cancel Papa Johns Order? Easy Way!

Cancel Papa Johns Order

Did you order a pizza at Papa John’s but changed your mind right after that? No worries, you can easily cancel your Papa Johns order if you follow our guide, and that way, you will not have to worry about what to do with your placed order. 

Papa Johns is one of the best Pizza chains which has been spread across more than 5000 different locations. Their pizzas are famous among a lot of people and the best part about Papa Johns is that they also provide a delivery service that lets the customers have their favorite delicious pizza at their doorsteps. 

To cancel your Papa Johns order, you need to contact your store directly or call on the customer service number of Papa Johns and request them to cancel your order. Provide them with the required details related to your order and make sure that you request the cancelation in time. 

There is a lot more to know regarding the eligibility of canceling an order on Papa Johns so that you can also get your refund, so keep reading to get all the information.

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How Do I Cancel Papa Johns Order?

If you have placed an order at Papa Johns and now wish to cancel it, you can do that within the period of 45 minutes before your delivery window is selected. In order to cancel your respective order, you will be required to contact the store directly. 

In case you are unable to contact the store straightaway, you can also simply dial the customer service number of Papa Johns which is 1 (877 547-7272), and discuss the matter with them. 

Once you are connected to the respective store where you had placed your Papa Johns from that you now want to cancel, you have to talk to their representative and request them to immediately cancel your placed order. They might probably ask you for the reason, so provide them with a valid one.

Also, provide the representative with all the important details related to your Papa Johns order so that they can process the cancelation for the same. If you are eligible for cancelation, your order shall be terminated right away. 

Does Papa Johns Refund If You Cancel Order?

If you placed an order with Papa Johns and then canceled it 45 minutes before the selection of the delivery window, then you are eligible for cancelation as well as a refund. The refundable amount shall be issued to your credit card within the next seven to ten working days. 

Why Did Papa Johns Cancel My Order?

Did you place an order with Papa Johns and were eagerly waiting for the delivery but they somehow canceled your order?

Well, that can be possible only in the case that your payment for the order was not processed. Maybe you went wrong somewhere with the order placement. 

You should make sure that your order has been placed correctly right at the moment you place it so that there is no chance for its cancelation. 

What Is Papa Johns Customer Service Number?

The customer service number of Papa Johns is 1 (877 547-7272) which you can dial if you have any kind of issue with your order from Papa Johns.

You can also find the contact number of the local store of Papa Johns where you have ordered or want to order from the official website of Papa Johns in the Contact Us section.  

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What Payment Methods Does Papa Johns Accept?

The forms of payment that are accepted at Papa Johns include credit or debit cards, cash, and also any gift vouchers if you have them. 

What Is The Minimum Value For An Online Papa Johns Order?

There is no fixed minimum value for placing online orders at Papa Johns, this value will vary depending upon the store (outlet) from which you are ordering. You can call the store and ask their customer representative about the minimum order value and place the order accordingly. 

How Much Do You Tip Papa Johns Delivery Guy?

If you have placed an order with Papa Johns with a value of less than $20 then a delivery tip of around $3 will be good. But, if the value of your Papa Johns order is more than $20, then you are required to pay a tip to your delivery guy of about 10 to 15% of the price of your order, and it should never be less than $5 at least. 

Wrapping Up

We hope that with the help of our article, you were able to easily cancel your order from Papa Johns in time so as to be eligible for the refund value for the same. If there is any other order from a different platform that you wish to cancel, you can ask us in the comments and we shall definitely help you out with that. 

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