How To Cancel Little Caesars Online Order?

Cancel Little Caesars Online Order

Little Caesars pizza’s are as popular as other pizza brands like Dominos and Pizza Hut. Where ordering a pizza online from Little Caesars is easy, many people struggle with its order cancellation process.

As we all know most online food delivery apps do not cancel orders once placed. But don’t worry, you still haven’t tried the steps mentioned below.

You can cancel your Little Caesars online order by simply getting in contact with their “Customer Support Service” and submitting your cancelation request there. 

How can you get in contact with their Customer Support Service? If you want to know every detail regarding your order cancelation on Little Caesars, then read the full article up to the conclusion. 

What Is Little Caesars?

Little Caesars is the third largest American multi-national Pizza Company after Dominos and Pizza Hut.

Along with Pizza, they used to sell many more food items like spaghetti buckets, and most of the time they deal with amazing offers which include PIZZA!PIZZA!

They also used to donate to Pizza Cones as a charity.

How To Order On Little Caesars Online?

Follow these steps to make an online order on Little Caesars:

  1. Open
  2. You have 2 options- Pick up and delivery
  3. When you select “Pick up” you will be then asked to “Find your Nearest Location”
  4. When you select “Delivery” you will be asked to “Enter Delivery Address”
  5. You can “Start Your Order” by selecting items and “Add them to your cart”
  6. After done, click on “Checkout”
  7. Do your payment and place your order

Can You Cancel Your Little Caesar Online Order?

Yes, you can cancel your Little Caesar Online Order at any time at the time of delivery or before delivery or from the pick-up store also.

How To Cancel Little Caesars Online Order?

Canceling Little Caesars Online Order requires very easy steps. Follow these steps to cancel Little Caesars Online Order.

  1. Call 1-800-722-3727 for assistance
  2. Request a meeting with a representative
  3. Give them your subscription and customer information
  4. Request cancelation for your subscription
  5. You will receive an email confirming your cancelation

It should be noted that customer service is extremely efficient and always willing to assist. Little Caesars Customer service hours are Monday to Friday, 8.30 a.m. to 8.00 p.m.

Can You Get A Refund From Little Caesars?

If you have successfully canceled your order, Little Caesars will issue you a refund. The refunded money will be deposited into your bank account or credit card within 1 to 5 business days. You can also contact Little Caesars by dialing their refund number 800-722-3727.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Can Little Caesars Support Live Chat?

No, Little Caesars does not support live chat. You can only get in contact with them by calling their customer support number.

How Do I Make A Complaint To Little Caesars?

Follow these steps to make a complaint to Little Caesars:
1. To provide feedback, please visit the official website
2. The Little Caesars customer service email form will appear next
3. Fill in the blanks with your information
4. Please enter your Email Address
5. Explain your issue or problem briefly
6. Finally, press the “Submit Feedback” button

How Do I Update Or Edit An Order On Little Caesars Before Submitting It?

You can make changes to your placed order before 12 P.M. on Little Caesars by calling their Customer Support Service.
After 12 P.M. Little Caesars finalize your order and after that, you only have the option to cancel it.

Can I Cancel Little Caesars Order Before It Is Delivered?

Yes, you can cancel Little Caesar’s orders before it is delivered to you by simply contacting their Customer Support Service and telling them to cancel your order. Make sure that you cancel your order as soon as possible before it is delivered to you. 

Can you Cancel the Order From Little Caesars App?

Yes, by logging into your account, you can cancel your order from the Little Caesars app. You can download Little Caesars App from the Google play store


We hope that with the help of our article, you can get your answer on how to cancel Little Caesar’s online order. The steps to cancel an order are so easy and basic that even a child can do it comfortably.

So, now after Domino’s and Pizza Hut, it’s time to try Little Caesar’s Pizza and if you are their first customer, then you will get many amazing offers on your first order.

You can get Pizza at a lower price with the offer named PIZZA!PIZZA!

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