How To Cancel Philo Subscription? 4 Different Methods!!

Cancel Philo Subscription

Some people decide to cancel Hulu, while others opt to cancel Philo. Even after having a lower price than Hulu and YouTube, many people are not satisfied with Philo and want to know how to cancel Philo subscription. 

Live streaming service channels can be fantastic, but none are perfect. No matter how much you enjoy them in starting, they get bored after some time (after all it’s human nature). And currently, it is happening with your Philo Subscription and that’s why you wanna cancel it.

You can cancel your Philo subscription by going to your Account Page link and selecting “Cancel My Subscription” from the bottom, followed by “Submit Cancellation” to confirm. 

How Much Is A Philo TV Subscription?

Philo is a live streaming service that allows you to watch more than 70 live cable channels without even taking a cable subscription. It includes many popular cable channels like Nickelodeon, MTV, AMC, Comedy Central, Nicktoons, Bloomberg TV, and many more. 

After taking the subscription to Philo TV once (which is at a very affordable price), you will get rid of the cable bill every month. A Philo subscription gives you access to more than 70 popular cable channels at the cost of $25 per month. 

You can sign up for the Philo TV with its 7-day free trial. When your free trial ends, your Philo plan will automatically be upgraded.

Can You Cancel Philo Anytime?

How To Cancel Philo Subscription? 4 Different Methods- Can You Cancel Philo Anytime?

Yes, you can cancel your Philo TV subscription anytime during the 7-day trial period. After that, you will be automatically shifted to a paid subscription and you will be charged for it. So, it is advised to you to cancel your Philo subscription before the trial ends. 

How To Cancel Philo Subscription Online?

You can easily cancel your Philo Subscription or trial from its official website with these below-mentioned steps.

  • Go to the Philo TV Website and log in to your Account
  • On the other page, click on “Account”
  • Click on “Cancel My Subscription” from the bottom

How To Cancel Philo Membership Via Roku?

If you have subscribed to the Philo TV via Roku Pay, then follow these steps to cancel your Philo Subscription-

  • Tap the Home button from your Roku Remote
  • Highlight the Roku App
  • Click the * button from the Roku Remote
  • Select Manage Subscription
  • Then, tap on Cancel Subscription
  • Select Cancel Subscription again
  • Hit the Done option

With this, your Philo TV Subscription will be canceled, but still you can use the Philo subscription for your remaining current billing cycle.

How To Cancel Philo Subscription On iPhone?

By using your iPhone or iPad (Apple Devices) you can also be allowed to take a Philo subscription. So, when you want to cancel it, then you also need to cancel it from your preferred iOS device with the steps explained below:

  • Open your iOS settings
  • Tap on your name and Apple ID from the top
  • Select “Subscriptions”
  • Choose “Philo Subscription”
  • Tap on “Cancel Subscription” from the bottom

Note: It is to be noticed that there is currently no way to end Philo subscription for Android users. 

How To Cancel Philo On Amazon?

Some users have taken the Phile subscription through Amazon or FireTV, so now they can only cancel it by visiting Amazon’s website with these steps:

  • Navigate to Amazon’s app store subscriptions website from your preferred web browser
  • Go to the “Actions” from Philo’s dropdown list
  • Click “Turn-off auto renewal”
  • Again click on “Turn-off auto renewal” for confirmation

How To Delete Philo Account?

If you are looking to delete your Philo Account, then make sure that you do not have any active subscription on your Philo Account. First, cancel your Philo TV Subscription, then go for Philo Account deletion.

You have four ways to delete your Philo Account. Take a look at the following ways to delete your Philo Account-

  1. Go to Philo TV Account> Account Settings> Click Delete My Account
  2. Make a call at 855-CSPHILO (855-277-4456)
  3. Email their service team at [email protected]
  4. Live Chat with their team on the Philo Help Center page.

What Are The Best Alternatives To Philo TV?

If Philo has not been able to meet your expectations, and you canceled its subscription, then it does not mean that now you cannot watch TV anymore. We have some of the best live-streaming services that you can try in place of Philo TV. 

Here are the best alternatives for it.

  • Hulu+Live TV: It offers you 50 popular channels and 50 hours of DVR space. You can get its subscription at $54.99 per month.
  • FuboTV: It can give you access to up to 196 channels with 500 hours of DVR space (a better option than Hulu+Live TV) at the price rate of $64.99 per month. You can also cancel your FuboTV Subscription.
  • Sling TV: It is cheaper than both, with a monthly subscription rate of $30. You can view up to 30-50+ channels with the on-demand library of this streaming service. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Can Philo Subscription Be Paused?

Yes, you can pause your Philo subscription for up to 12 weeks. Pausing a subscription is best for those users who are very busy, or have to travel a lot, in short, hardly get time to watch Philo before its subscription expires. 

Can You Cancel Philo Free Trial?

Philo offers its users a 7-day free trial. You can cancel the Philo Free Trial with the same steps mentioned above.

Is There A Prorated Refund When You Cancel Philo?

You will not get any prorated refund after the cancelation of the Philo subscription but you can still be allowed to use its services after cancelation also. 

Can I Restart My Philo Subscription Later?

Yes, you can restart your Philo subscription later after canceling it at any time and you can still use the rest of your subscription before losing access to your channels. 

How To Contact Philo Customer Service?

You can contact the Philo service team either by calling (855-277-4456) or [email protected]. You can access their Live Chat feature by going to the Philo Help Center Page.


If you are not happy with the Philo streaming service but subscribed to it, you can cancel it anytime before your 7-day trial period ends; otherwise, you will be charged for it afterward.

Keep in mind that you can end your Philo subscription from where you have taken it, and almost every platform subscription cancelation is mentioned in this article. If you still face any problems while canceling your Philo subscription, then you can contact Philo Customer Service.  

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