How To Cancel Your Lululemon Order?

Cancel Your Lululemon Order

If you just purchased an item on Lululemon and then realized that you have ordered the wrong item or you have found something better, you would surely want to cancel the Lululemon order you placed, right? But, is it possible to cancel an order on Lululemon? Moreover, how? Not an issue as long as we are here to your aid. 

Lululemon is a popular company that produces technical athletic apparel. There are clothes available for several purposes like running, training, yoga, and severe workouts. The items are great, so you might quickly be fascinated to place an order, but what if you regret it a minute later? Of course, you will want to cancel your order then. 

To cancel your Lululemon order, you need to go to the official website or Lululemon and go to “Guest Education Centre” on your account where you can choose any of the three methods to cancel your order. But, do you think you will be able to cancel the order whenever you want? Not at all.

If you want to know in detail about the cancelation policies of Lululemon and how you can successfully cancel your order so you can also get a refund, just keep reading this article. 

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Can You Cancel An Order From Lululemon?

Though it is quite difficult to get your order canceled from platforms like Lululemon, you will be glad to know that there is a way. You just need to meet the eligibility criteria for that. The criteria are that you need to cancel your order within one hour of ordering the product on Lululemon, plus you must have followed the right procedure for the order cancelation. 

How To Cancel Lululemon Order?

There are three different modes that you can choose from to cancel your Lululemon order, however, all three will be found on their official website itself. Let us check what needs to be done. 

If you are sure that you want to cancel your Lululemon order, then head to the official website of Lululemon and log in to your respective account.

There, you will find the “Guest Education Centre” option, select it and you will find the three available methods to opt from as your cancelation method, these are phone, live chat, and email. 

Cancel Lululemon Order By Phone

If you select the “By Phone” option, you will be connected to a customer service representative of Lululemon who you have to talk to and explain that you do not want this order anymore along with a suitable reason behind the order cancelation. 

The representative will approve your request and your order will be canceled on Lululemon. 

Cancel Lululemon Order On Live Chat

If you choose the “Live chat” option, you will be assigned a customer service representative who will chat with you on the account itself. The chat would be live so you can explain everything you need to. 

Cancel Lululemon Order Via Email

Finally, if you choose the Email option, you will be directed to your email app with their address mentioned, and you can compose the email explaining your request for order cancelation along with all necessary information like order item name, order ID, and so on. 

While the first two methods are immediate, you will get the response right away, in the case of emailing, though their services are good, the email can be skipped and if you don’t get any response, it means that they have either not viewed your request or not approved it, thus, the other modes are better. 

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How To Cancel Lululemon Order After Hours?

After one hour of ordering an item on Lululemon, the customers are not allowed to request a cancelation. Even if they do so, the request is not approved. The only way this product can be canceled is when the delivery partner attempts to deliver the product but fails to do so 3 times, the product comes back and the amount is refunded. 

Also, though you are not allowed to cancel your Lululemon product after one hour of ordering, you can always apply for the return of that order, and your amount will ultimately be refunded. 


Can I Cancel A Lululemon Order Before It Ships?

Yes, you can definitely cancel your Lululemon order before it ships, however you need to cancel it way too early, that is, within the first hour of placing the order. 

Can I Exchange Lululemon Item After 30 Days?

Yes, Lululemon offers a 30-day return policy. So, if you purchase a new item, and do not want it anymore, you can return it within 30 days of receiving the item provided that the product is in the same condition as when you received it. 

How Do I Contact Lululemon Customer Service?

If you wish to speak with a Lululemon customer service representative, you can contact them at (877) 266-9300 and discuss whichever issue you have with their product or service. 

Does Lululemon Refund Money?

Yes, if you cancel your product within one hour of ordering, you will get a full refund on that item. Also, if you have received an item but returned it within 30 days, then again you will be eligible for a full refund on the item. The refund is processed within 3 to 10 business days of request. 

Wrapping Up

We hope that with our guide, you will not find any difficulty canceling your order on Lululemon, just make sure that you are not late as per their policies. If there is any other site or app where you want to cancel your order then you can tell us in the comments, and we will provide the right procedure. 

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