How To Cancel Philadelphia Gas Works? 2 Effective Ways!!

How To Cancel Philadelphia Gas Works?

Are you using Philadelphia Gas Works Service but want to shift to another gas provider? Then, for this, first, you need to cancel Philadelphia Gas Works with the steps or methods which we gonna explained in this article. 

Philadelphia Gas Works (PGW) is a natural gas utility company in the United States which almost provides natural gas to 500,000 customers every year. You can say that, it is one of the largest gas provider companies in the U.S. If you are finding ways to terminate your Philadelphia Gas Works, then here are some methods from which you can do so. 

If you are sure to cancel your Philadelphia Gas Works Service, then you can cancel it by contacting their team over a phone call or you can turn your service off from your PGW Online Account. 

Can You Cancel Your Philadelphia Gas Works?

Yes, you can cancel your Philadelphia Gas Works services at any time. Make sure to notify their team at least 7 days before you want to cancel your service to avoid unnecessary charges.

How To Cancel Philadelphia Gas Works Online?

The first method to cancel your Philadelphia Gas Works is to cancel or turn the service off from your PGW Account. To make your cancelation possible, click on “Turn Off Gas Service” and log in to your account first. After logging in, follow the steps to successfully canceled your service. If you are not able to get your previous login details, then contact their team at [email protected] 

How To Cancel Philadelphia Gas Works Over The Phone?

Follow these steps to cancel your PGW Service over the phone. 

  1. You can also cancel the Philadelphia Gas Works Service by making a call to PGW Phone Number at (215) 235-1000 and getting connected with their team member on a call. 
  1. Inform them that you want to cancel your PGW Service and request your meter reading
  1. Provide them with your meter name and all the required information related to your service. 
  1. Submit your cancelation request and the further last step to cancel your service will be done by their team.
  1. You will get a confirmation message in your email when your service will be terminated. 

How To Contact Philadelphia Gas Works Customer Service?

To get in contact with the Philadelphia Gas Works service team, you have two possible methods. Either you can make a call on their billing or customer service number at 215-235-1000 (Residential Customers) and 215-235-7077 (Business Customers) or you can send their team a message on their Facebook Account. Their team is pretty much active on Facebook Media. 

For getting more contact numbers for different categories, do visit Philadelphia Gas Works Contact Page and choose the number according to your need or preference. 

Frequently Asked Questions

How To Start Philadelphia Gas Works Service?

You have to visit the PGW Start Service page and complete the 6 steps to get your service started or simply just contact their customer service team at 215-235-1000

What Is PGW Shut-Off Notice?

Before canceling or stopping your PGW Service, you need to notify PGW about your shut-off at least 7 days before stopping the service. 


Although by providing its natural gas services to a large number of people, Philadelphia Gas Works is in much demand. But, still for some people, canceling their service is the best choice, because, for their own personal reasons, they no longer continue with PGW Services. For getting assistance with cancelation or any other query, contact the PGW customer service team and ask as many questions as you want directly on a phone call. Also Know, how to cancel Peoples Gas Service.


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