How To Cancel American Water Service Easily & Effectively?

how to cancel american water

Are you planning to discontinue the services of American Water? Well!! If you are sure that you can find better services than American Water, then you can cancel it at any time. Wanna know how? Let’s get started with this article. 

According to its name, American Water is a U.S based company that deals in providing water and wastewater services to its customers. Well!! We don’t know what the exact issue is, but still, there are some people who want to cancel their American Water Services. If you are also one of them, then here is what you have to do. 

If you want to cancel your American Water Service, you can simply do so by just making a single call to their customer service team. To know about their contact numbers for different states, read the entire article. 

Can You Cancel American Water Service?

Yes, if you are moving to some other country or due to any other reason, you wanna cancel your American Water Service, then simply inform their team and they will help you with this. Make this sure that you inform them about your cancelation before 7-10 days, so that they can take your final meter reading. 

How To Cancel American Water Service?

You can cancel your American Water Services just by getting in contact with American Water Customer Service Team. The easiest way to contact their service team is by making a call to American Water phone number at 1.866.269.2837 and talking to their service team directly over a call regarding your cancelation. 

You can also Login to MyWater Online to turn your American Water Services On or Off from your account. The choice is yours!! Whether you want to end the service online from your account or by getting in touch with their service team. 

If you are planning to cancel your Service online, then the one thing that you have to keep in mind is that the above American Water Customer Service number is for general use. American Water Contact Number is different according to state. Yes, to get the correct number as per your state, you have to visit American Water Website and on the top left side, you have to “Choose your State” from the drop-down menu. As you selected the state, you have to scroll down to the bottom of the page, where you will get the required contact number for that particular state. 

American Water Customer Service Contact Numbers

Take a look at this table, to get the Contact Number for American Water Team For All States. 

StateAmerican Water Contact Number
New Jersey1-800-272-1325
West Virginia1-800-685-8660

Frequently Asked Questions

What Is The American Water Customer Service Water?

To get in contact with American Water Service Team, you need to contact them by making a call at 1.866.269.2837 and get in touch with them. 

How To Check Your Billing & Payment Queries?

To check your billing & payment info, you can pay your bills by login to your American Water Account. You can also contact their team by picking the right contact number from the list or sending an email to [email protected] for asking questions. 


You can undoubtedly rely on American Water for providing you with fresh and clean water by maintaining its water infrastructure and water testing process. If you don’t require to use its service anymore, then you can opt for the right number from the table as per your state and put an end to your services now. Their customer service team is always there for you to help.

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