How To Cancel Vidgo? Cancel Subscription By 2 Easy Methods!

how to cancel vidgo

It has now become easy to watch your favorite shows, series, and more such entertainment options at home with numerous streaming services made available for you.

Vidgo provides a similar experience but if you used the service and no longer require it anymore then we can help you cancel your Vidgo service and subscription. Vidgo is a streaming service for television where you get access to a huge number of entertainment channels in English and Spanish.

The platform also provides the users with enough cloud storage to record their favorite shows and the one-demand programming feature to keep entertainment afloat. 

You can cancel your Vidgo service whenever you wish to and it depends on the platform you chose to purchase the subscription. Cancellation can be done easily from the Vidgo official website and also through Roku if you purchased the subscription from there

How Much Is Vidgo Subscription?

Vidgo provides several subscription plans which include numerous live and on-demand channels for you to enjoy. 

Subscription PlanCharges

The Vidgo English Premium Package can be purchased for $79.95/Month and you can get access to several local shows, news, and sports.

You can get more than 150 live channels and on-demand channels. The Vidgo English Plus Package is available at a monthly price of $64.95 and provides you with more than 110 live and on-demand channels. 

The Vidgo English & Spanish Ultimate Package is available for $99.95/Month and you get English and Spanish live channels and also on-demand channels with DVR service.

The Vidgo Mas Package can be purchased for $39.95/Month. You get more than 45 live and on-demand channels with this subscription package. 

How Can I Cancel Vidgo?

You can cancel your Vidgo subscription from the official website and also through Roku if you purchased it there. You won’t be able to cancel your subscription via email, mail, or phone call.

Cancellation through their Contact page is also not accepted. Once you cancel your subscription, you won’t be able to use the account services anymore and will lose all the channels you had. You must also pay all your dues while canceling your Vidgo subscription. 

Cancel Vidgo From Official Website

1. Visit the official website of Vidgo and sign in to your account to proceed. 

2. From the home page, navigate to the My Account section and look for your subscription plan. 

3. Select the subscription you wish to cancel and follow the steps as prompted. 

4. You can also turn off Autopay for your service. From your account, click on Payment Information and then you will be able to toggle off Autopay. 

Cancel Vidgo Through Roku

1. If you purchased the Vidgo subscription through your Roku account then you can also cancel it from there. 

2. From the official website, log in to your Roku account to initiate the procedure. 

3. Navigate to the My Account section and then select Manage your subscription

4. From your Active Subscriptions, choose the Vidgo service that you purchased. 

5. Now hit the Cancel Subscription button and confirm the procedure. 

Cancel Vidgo Subscription-FAQs

Does Vidgo Provide A Free Trial? How To Cancel Vidgo Free Trial?

Yes, Vidgo does provide a free trial for 7 days to all its users. During this trial period, you can learn about the benefits and perks provided by the subscription plans and then choose if you wish to continue with the subscription or not.

If you don’t want to continue with the subscription plan then you must cancel the service before the free trial is over so that you are not charged for the subscription. Follow the above-mentioned steps for that. 

Can I Cancel Vidgo Anytime? Does Vidgo Provide Refund On Cancellation?

Yes, you can cancel Vidgo anytime you want as there are no contracts related to that. However, you won’t receive any kind of refund for your subscription cancellation. If you cancel it before your billing period is over then you will be able to use the service even after cancellation till your billing period is over. 

How Do I Contact Vidgo Customer Service?

For your queries or doubts, you can contact Vidgo Customer Service by dialing their help number 855-888-4346.

You will be connected to one of their representatives and they will help you accordingly. Do visit the Vidgo Contact Us page for more related details. 

Wrap Up

Vidgo is a streaming service where you can get a large number of shows, series, sports, news, and much more in both English and Spanish.

But if you already had a subscription and don’t want to continue with it then you can cancel your service by going through the subscription cancellation steps discussed above in detail.

Contact their Customer Support department if you have more doubts or questions regarding your subscription or their service. You can also cancel your Mubi subscription.

Cancelling your subscriptions and memberships will become hassle free with easy to digest "How-to" articles by Rachel.

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