How To Cancel Temu Order And Subscription?

How To Cancel Temu Order And Subscription?

Are you wondering how to cancel Temu services such as orders, subscriptions, or accounts? We will help you in canceling any services from Temu.

Temu is an online website that sells a wide variety of products including clothes, gadgets, accessories, and whatnot. Most of the products on the website are mostly from Chinese sellers; they directly ship the products, which is why they are cheap.

The procedure to cancel any Temu services is straightforward and can be done through their website or the mobile app. Read the article to learn more about the step-by-step process.

Is Temu Safe And Worth It?

Temu is an online e-commerce platform that has become very popular recently because of the gifts or stuff they offer. There are speculations that the website could be fake or a scam but let us clear the thing, Temu is a safe and legitimate shopping platform. 

Since the products are shipped directly from the Chinese sellers, the products are affordable and cheap. To promote the platform and encourage customers to share this with their friends and families, Temu offers free stuff and gifts to invite people and also gives huge discounts and gifts to new users.

How To Cancel An Order From Temu?

If you have just placed an order from Temu and made a mistake, or you just don’t require the product anymore then you must cancel it before the canceling window closes. If the order has been packed already, then you can not cancel it and in that case, you have to receive the delivery and then request to return the order.

You can follow the below steps to cancel your order from Temu:

  • Login to your Temu account.
  • Navigate to “Your Orders”.
  • Under all orders select the one you want to cancel.
  • Follow the prompts to cancel the order.
  • Click Cancel All and submit the request.

You will receive the confirmation message and refund details via email on your registered email ID.

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How To Cancel Temu’s Subscription?

The process of canceling a subscription is always a difficult task, rather than the signup process. But you can easily cancel the Temu’s Subscription on Apple devices using the below instructions:

  • Open the Settings app on your device.
  • Access your Apple ID.
  • Check for the subscriptions.
  • Select the Temu app.
  • Now click on Cancel Subscription at the bottom of the page.

Now you will be free for monthly payment for Temu’s subscription.

How To Delete a Temu Account Permanently?

If you want to say goodbye to the platform forever and don’t wish to order from Temu ever again, then you should delete your account permanently. Once you delete the account, you will never be able to access your account and your data. To proceed with the deletion process, follow the below steps:

  • Visit the office website of Temu.
  • Login using the email ID and password.
  • Go to “your account”.
  • Then click on Account Security.
  • Scroll down to find the “ Delete your Temu Account” option.
  • Follow the prompts to confirm.

Your account will be deleted with immediate effects but you still get some time to recover the deleted account in case you change your mind.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I Cancel A Single Order From Temu?

Yes, Temu allows its customers to cancel a single product from the order in Temu.

Is Temu Safe And Legit?

Yes, Temu is a safe and legitimate shopping website.

Can I Get Free Stuff On Temu?

Temu offers free gifts and stuff to their customers as new users and by participating in some quests.


This comprehensive guide will help you to cancel any services from Temu without any difficulty. Temu is a safe and legitimate shopping website yet some people wish to say goodbye to Temu due to some reasons.

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