How To Cancel Artguru AI Art Generator? Best Artguru Alternatives To Try!

Cancel Artguru

It seems like you want to cancel your Artguru AI Subscription because the task you took for this subscription has now been completed and you don’t want to continue with it anymore. 

Artguru is a free AI Art Generator platform where you can create AI-generated images by text or uploading images. You can use this AI platform for free by taking its subscription plans. 

You can cancel your Artguru Premium subscription plan by going to the Account Profile and looking for the option to cancel the subscription.

Artguru Plans And Pricing

If you want then you can use the Artguru Platform for free. You can get 5 free credits per day and generate at least one image with 5 free credits. 

To get more credits, you have to upgrade to its Premium Plan. There are two types of Premium Plans for Artguru. 

  1. Weekly Plan: $3.99 per week (400 credits)
  2. Annual Plan: $0.77 per week (20000 credits) 

How To Cancel Artguru Subscription?

You can cancel your Artguru Premium Subscription at any time. To cancel your subscription, go to the Artguru Website and log in to your Account. Navigate to your Account profile and click on the cancel subscription option. 

You can use your subscription credits even after cancellation until your current subscription period ends. 

Can I Upgrade Or Downgrade My Plan?

You can upgrade your Artguru plan from Mini to Pro at any time directly from its website. But, you are not allowed to downgrade your plan directly from its website. 

To downgrade your plan, you need to cancel your current plan and then go for the mini premium plan. 

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Artguru Alternatives

These are some of the best Artguru Alternatives that you can try after canceling the Artguru Premium Plan- 

  1. Aiby: This works the same as Artguru. You just need to enter your idea into this platform and it gets created successfully either in the form of text or image. 
  1. Airt: An AI-generated platform for creating amazing artwork with their designs, paintings, anime, or many more things. 
  1. GoArt: With this tool, you can be able to create stunning digital artwork projects. Just enter your text in the space and your text will be converted into a beautiful painting. 
  1. NightCafe Creator: You can also create artwork projects with this platform for free. Multiple styles and designs are also available to generate a perfect image. 
  1. Dawn AI: You can create avatars with this platform. Upload one image and that image can be generated into an amazing avatar. 


Artguru generates high-quality images just in a single click, within a few seconds, as per the instructions provided by you. You can use this platform for free, and there is no premium plan for a long time. 

If you own its paid plan, then follow these simple steps (explained above) and cancel Artguru Premium Subscription.

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