How To Cancel Now TV Broadband?

Cancel Now TV Broadband

If you are not satisfied with the services provided by Now TV broadband and you wish you change your network provider to find a more effective or cheaper broadband, you need to cancel your subscription which can be done in a few steps.

Now TV Broadband is a leading network provider in the UK, which provides unlimited and no contract broadband to their members. It also provides various call plans, with no monthly charges and you would need to pay as per the usage.

But if you have made up your mind and want to cancel your membership, You can directly call their customer care number 03300 412473. 

To know more easy ways to cancel your membership with Now, read the article below.

How To Cancel Now TV Broadband Service Online?

To cancel your Now TV broadband online, you need to log in on the official website of Now with your registered email and password. 

Then select the membership you wish to cancel. You will receive a confirmation email within 3 hours once your membership is canceled. 

How To Cancel Now TV Broadband Over The Phone?

If you wish to switch to another broadband service provider, you would need to contact the Now customer support center over a phone call on their contact number.

You can cancel your Now broadband by calling customer care service between 8 am-8 pm on 03300 412473

How To Cancel Now TV Broadband Via Email?

You can also cancel your membership by writing an email to [email protected] describing the issues you are facing and why you wish to cancel your membership. You will be receiving a call to verify your details. 

How To Cancel Now TV Broadband By Live Chat?

Alternatively, You can also cancel the membership by contacting a Now adviser via the live chat option available on the website. 

You simply need to log in to the website with your registered email and password. Click on the live chat option and provide the required details. 

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Frequently Asked Questions 

Can You Cancel NOW TV Broadband Within 14 days?

Despite any reason, Yes you can cancel the contract during the 14-day cooling period without any penalty. By using any of the methods mentioned in the article you will be able to easily cancel your Now TV broadband.

How To Cancel NOW TV On App?

You can also cancel the membership using the Now TV app by simply logging into your account and selecting the reason for the cancellation.

How To Contact Now TV?

You can contact Now TV by calling their customer care number 03300 412473 or you can also reach out to their team via email [email protected]

Is There Any Cancellation Fee For Cancelling Now Broadband?

The minimum term for joining Now Broadband is 12 months. If you wish to cancel your membership before the end of the 12-month period, you will have to pay the early termination charges.


Now TV Broadband is known for its service and value-for-money deals. The speed that it provides is sufficient for multiple users and it is the average speed in the UK.

However, if someone wishes to discontinue using their services by just following the easy steps they can easily cancel their membership anytime.

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