How To Cancel Rupa Health Service Or Order In Easy Steps?

How To Cancel Rupa Health Service Or Order In Easy Steps?

Did you make any mistake while placing the Rupa Health Order? If that is the current situation with you, then we will show you how you can cancel the Rupa Health Order. 

Rupa Health is a platform where almost 30+ labs are available. If you are a practitioner, then you can order from any of the labs. This platform makes the lab test easier for everyone. 

You can cancel your Rupa Health order by sending an Email to their service team at [email protected] 

Read the entire article to learn more about the Rupa Health Cancellation and Refund Policy in more detail. 

How Does Rupa Health Work? 

Rupa Health is a lab service available to practitioners and patients. The practitioner can place an order for their patient’s test at this platform. 

Their team workers will then prepare the results of their patients and then send their test kits and test results to their home addresses. 

Working Of Rupa Health-

  1. Place an order via the Rupa Online Portal
  2. Rupa’s Team Email your patients about the order
  3. Drop the kits at your patient’s address
  4. Your patients will collect your test and samples
  5. You are notified about the order completion via Email

How To Cancel Rupa Health Order? Rupa Cancellation Policy

How To Cancel Rupa Health Service Or Order In Easy Steps- How To Cancel Rupa Health Order? Rupa Cancellation Policy

To cancel your Rupa Order, you can initiate the Return Request. Yes, once the order is delivered to you, then you can make a return of your order and ask them to cancel it. 

Simple Steps to Initiate the Rupa Health Return Process- 

  1. Send an Email to the Rupa Health service team at [email protected] and submit your cancelation Request. 
  1. Make sure that you include your Test Kit Name in the Email
  1. Rupa accept your cancellation request and then go to check for your refund eligibility. 
  1. If you are eligible for a refund, they will ask you to send an image of the Test Kit with shredded requisition 
  1. Send a Photo of your Test Kit to their team 
  1. When they receive the photo, they will initiate your refund process. 

How To Get A Rupa Health Refund? Rupa Refund Policy

When your order return request is accepted, they will check for the refund eligibility. If you are eligible, then they will process your refund soon. 

  1. All cancelation requests must be made within 365 days of making the payment to be eligible for a refund
  1. No refunds will be given, once test samples have arrived at the lab
  1. The processing, shipping, and ordering fee is not refunded. 
  1. For ACH payment, you need to request a refund within 180 days of the payment. 
  1. Some tests are non-refundable, while on some tests you will be charged a service fee. 

Frequently Asked Questions

How Does Rupa’s Health Pricing Work?

Rupa is a free platform for practitioners. You don’t have to pay for its subscription cost. You just have to pay for their Lab Tests. Check out the test catalog for the prices. 

How To Contact Rupa Health Customer Service?

For any Support, you can contact the Rupa Health support team via Email at [email protected] or by contacting Rupa Health Phone number (669) 294-2703


If any patients want to cancel their Rupa Health test order, then the only way is to submit a return request. 

Make sure that you will get a refund after canceling the order. Understand carefully the Rupa Health cancellation Policy (as described above) and then submit your order cancelation request. 

For getting any other support, reach out to their customer support service team at any time. 

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