How To Cancel Newegg Order? Quick Guide To Return And Get Refund!

How To Cancel Newegg Order?

It might not be that easy to cancel an online order but if it isn’t shipped yet, there is a high chance that it can be possible. If you ordered something on Newegg but don’t really require it anymore then you can, of course, cancel your Newegg Order and we can surely help you with that.

Newegg offers numerous electronic e-commerce products and more that customers can buy anytime. You can search for your product from the official website and purchase what you require at a good discounted price from Newegg. You can connect with third-party vendors and buy the items at affordable rates.

You can easily cancel your Newegg Order if it isn’t shipped yet by visiting the official website and logging in to your account through the official website. However, if you are still unable to cancel your order on Newegg then you can get in touch with Customer Support for the same.

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How Does Newegg Work? Newegg Membership Plans

Newegg is an online retailer platform where you can purchase consumer electronics, computer hardware, many other computer parts, gaming system, graphic cards, and much more. You can both buy and sell your electronic products on Newegg. And if you are for selling your product then the third-party vendors’ products are thoroughly checked if they meet the high standard and quality before putting them for sale.

All these third-party vendors are rated according to the buyer’s experience with them. The products sold are effective and of good quality but if any of them is defective and doesn’t work well then you can return the item for repair or refund.

A Newegg Subscription can also provide customers with many benefits that regular customers might not receive. A three months subscription initiates from $19.99. You can purchase the six-month subscription at $29.99. An annual subscription is available at $49.99 to all those who purchase the 12 monthly membership. With this membership, you can expect sooner product delivery, exclusive and special deals for the members, free returns and shipping on selected items, and even no restocking fee.

Why Would You Cancel Newegg?

Newegg is a great platform where you can purchase your required computer or electronic products at reasonable rates but at the moment, if you are searching for how to cancel your Newegg order then there definitely might be some disadvantages of the platform.

1. Third-party sellers

Newegg is a platform for both buyers and sellers and the sellers can sell their products at reliable rates but not all third-party sellers can be the best to buy from, right? There are several sellers who have really low ratings from the buyers and thus you must check the credibility of the sellers before buying a product from them.

2. Return And Refund

If you do not have a specified return and refund policy then the platform might get criticized for that. When you visit their Website, you will find out the 30-day return policy and it is available for Newegg products but the same might not happen with the products sold by third-party vendors. Those sellers might not even accept returns or provide you with a refund. And if Newegg is ready to accept returns on behalf of those vendors then a high restocking fee would be waiting for you.

3. Product Prices

Though there are many offers and deals while purchasing products on Newegg but there are also some third-party sellers that sell their items at very high prices that some might find double the rate at other platforms. This can be a solid reason for you to end your activities on Newegg.

4. Product Shipping

Some buyers have pointed out the poor shipping facility of Newegg and have complained of delayed shipping, lost packages, damaged packages, and more. Even third-party sellers directly send the product to the buyers and this can also be a reason for the delay of products.

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How Can You Cancel A Newegg Order?

To cancel a Newegg Order, you will be required to:

1. Log in to your Newegg Account.

2. Navigate to the My Account option on the screen.

3. Go to the Orders section and then Manage Orders.

4. From the options, select the order you wish to cancel.

5. Open the Order Details page and then go to Actions.

6. Select Cancel Order and provide a reason for order cancellation.

Confirm the procedure and this will cancel your Newegg order.

How To Return An Item To Newegg?

You can return an item to Newegg if it is sold by them and if the item is purchased from a third-party seller then they might also accept your return. You can follow these steps to return an item to Newegg:

1. Log in to your Newegg account.

2. Go to your Order History and search for the order you wish to return.

3. Select Replace from the options available.

4. Choose the item you wish to return and also select the reason for the return.

5. Click on Submit Return option and go through the steps to prepare your package for return.

How To Request A Refund On Newegg?

You can, of course, ask for a refund from Newegg but you will first be required to check whether the item you wish to get a refund for is eligible according to Newegg’s refund policy or not. You can do that by visiting the official website and then going to the order details page of your item. From the Warranty and Returns option, read out the return and refund policy for that item and proceed accordingly.

Follow these steps to request a refund on your Newegg order:

1. Log in to your Newegg account and go to the Customer Service tab.

2. Select the Return an Item option and then hit the Refund button.

3. Provide all the item details and descriptions and the issues that made you return it.

4. Go through the methods to return the item and confirm the procedure.

The Newegg refund time might take up to 2-3 business days.

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Cancel Newegg Order- FAQs

Can You Cancel A Newegg Order After It Is Shipped?

If you want to cancel a Newegg order then you must visit the website and see the status of your order. You will be able to cancel an order if it isn’t processed for shipment yet but if the order is already shipped, you won’t be able to cancel it.

Why Can’t I Cancel My Newegg Order?

If you do not see the Cancellation option next to your item details in your order history then it is possible that your item is in the final packaging stage or has already been packed and ready for shipping. At that stage, you won’t be able to cancel your Newegg order and might have to return it later.

How Long Does It Take Newegg To Cancel An Order?

Although Newegg expects all third-party vendors or sellers to complete the processing of their product within the time limit of 48 hours, you can easily cancel it online in no time. But before that, you must check if your product can be canceled or not. You can expect to receive the refund within 2-3 business days.

Why Is My Newegg Order Cancelled?

Your Newegg Order might get canceled if the sellers from whom you are buying the products are unable to process the order on time or if they have issues with their products. You will be notified if your order has been canceled by the seller.

Wrap Up

Newegg is a great platform where you can sell or purchase items at a reasonable price and you can even check the buyer’s reviews of the third-party sellers before contacting them. If somehow you wish to cancel your order on Newegg then you can go through the steps discussed above for the same. You can also read out the return and refund policy for those items and carry out your cancellation process with ease.

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