How To Cancel Asurion Home Plus? Check This Way To Cancel!!

Cancel Asurion Home Plus

If you are already good at taking care of the devices at your home, then we do not think you need to waste your money on Asurion’s services, right? So, here’s a guide for you to cancel Asurion Home Plus Subscription.

Asurion Home Plus is a great plan for those who are careless with their home appliances which include any technological device they are using at their home including their computers, washing machines, and gaming consoles.

To cancel your Asurion Home Plus plan, you need to contact their customer service number and request the termination of your ongoing plan of Asurion Home Plus.

To know in detail all the possible ways in which your Asurion Home Plus plan can be canceled, you would need to continue reading this article and attain all the information you need. 

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How To Cancel Asurion Home Plus?

If you wish to cancel your Asurion Home Plus plan, you can do it by contacting the customer support contact of Asurion Home Plus, which is 844-529-2692. 

You will be connected to a customer support representative when you call this number and you can request the cancelation of your plan. You will be asked for your account details and identity authentication to confirm that you are the account holder of the plan you are terminating.

You might also be asked to provide a valid reason for getting your Asurion Home Plus plan canceled, so, be prepared with one. 

They will proceed with your request and you shall get your respective plan canceled. After cancelation, you need to file a claim within 30 days.

How To Get A Refund From Asurion Home Plus?

How To Cancel Asurion Home Plus? Check This Way To Cancel- How To Get A Refund From Asurion Home Plus?

If you want to get a refund on the cancelation of your plan to Asurion Home Plus, well, that is possible but you should be eligible for the refund in that case. 

To be eligible for a refund from Asurion, you need to make sure that you cancel your respective plan and return it within 30 days from the day you purchased the plan. If 30 days have already passed since you got the plan, you will not be able to claim a refund, however, if not, you can.

To get your refund, you will again be required to contact their customer service number and request the assigned representative to process your applicable refund. You will be asked to provide some details including your name, date of purchase, protection plan number, and so on. 

Once you are considered eligible for the refund, the representative shall describe the entire refund procedure to you and you will subsequently obtain it soon. 

Alternatively, you can also follow the steps mentioned below if you wish to get a refund from Asurion while canceling your plan. 

1. Head to the website where you bought your electronic device from Asurion
2. Select the product for which you want to get a refund.

3. Next, press the Return button for that product.

4. You will soon receive a confirmation email for the cancelation of the respective product and a refund will also be transferred to your account within a few days. 

How To Cancel My Asurion Order?

To cancel the Asurion order that you have taken, you need to visit the Orders section on your Amazon account. Here, you are required to look for Asurion, and you will find all your related active plans over there. 

If you are canceling your Asurion Home Plus plan within the first 30 days of purchasing it, then you need to click on the “Cancel Policy” option and get your plan canceled from there. 

If it has been over 30 days from taking the plan, you need to select the “Contact Seller” option where you will find an option to return the product, go with it, and get your order canceled.

Frequently Asked Questions

How Much Does Asurion Home Plus Cost?

If you take up a plan on Asurion Home Plus, you will be charged an amount of $24.99 per month till you have been signed up for the plan. Along with this fixed monthly charge, you will also be required to pay any taxes if applicable. 

How To Contact Asurion Home+ Plus Customer Service?

Make a call at 844-776-1963 or 844-529-2692 to get connected with the Asurion customer care team. You can go to their Contact Page to get assistance in different categories.

Get connected with their team agent via Live Chat by going to Asurion’s official website and tapping on the “Chat” icon from the right side.

Wrapping Up

With this, you are all covered with how you can cancel your Asurion Home Plus plan as well as how you can claim a refund for the cancelation of the plan on Asurion. If there is any product or service that you are having difficulty with regarding your Asurion Home Plus, let us know in the comments and we shall assist you with the same. 

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