How To Cancel PCH Intelius Subscription? 2 Effective Ways!

Cancel PCH Intelius Subscription

If you ever wonder or stress about an unknown call or text from a stranger and wish to know their true identity then Intelius can help you with that. You can get a background check on them with an Intelius subscription. You can also easily cancel your PCH Intelius subscription if you don’t need it anymore. 

Intelius provides public data and other background information of individuals with their special search software. With this platform, you can also search for a required address or get a background check report on any individual. There are also some unique features of the platform that can help you in your search. 

If you are determined that you no longer want to use the services of PCH Intelius then you do have the option to cancel your subscription. You can cancel your Intelius Subscription online by logging in to the website or through a phone call to customer service and requesting them to end your subscription. 

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PCH Intelius Subscription Plan And Prices 

Intelius is a private company that allows people to get a background check on individuals and find information like their name, age, address, criminal records, and more. With an Intelius Subscription, you can get all this information in seconds. 

Subscription PlansTrial ChargesMonthly ChargesSubscription Benefits
People Search          –$24.86/monthUnlimited Person Reports 
Unlimited Address Reports
Reverse Phone Lookup+ People Search$0.95 for 6 days trial$34.95/monthUnlimited Phone Reports
Unlimited Person Reports
Unlimited Address Reports
Address Lookup+ People Search$0.95 for 7 days trial$29.78/monthUnlimited Address Reports
Unlimited Person Reports

Intelius provides three subscription plans on monthly charges. The People Search plan can be purchased at a monthly price of $24.86 where you can get access to Unlimited Person and Address Reports. You can get reports of criminal records, court records, addresses, email addresses, and much more. 

The Reverse Phone Lookup+ People Search plan is available for $34.95/month and you can get a 6 days trial for just $0.95. With this subscription plan, you get access to Unlimited phone, person, and address reports. With all this, you can also go through the owner’s photos and profiles

The Address Lookup+ People Search plan can be bought at $29.78/month and you can experience the subscription plan with a 7 days trial for only $0.95. You can also get information on the person and neighbors and their neighboring locations and demographics

Is PCH Intelius Subscription Worth It? Why Would You Cancel Your Intelius Subscription?

An Intelius subscription can be an important option if you continuously require background checks or other information on individuals.

They promise to provide you with information on the people you are looking for with an extensive background search. However, there must also be several cons of this platform and probably why you are searching for your subscription cancellation. 

Although the company claims that they provide true, accurate, and authentic information and background checks there are, however, many complaints that the reports provided sometimes are inaccurate.

There are also user complaints that even though they paid for the whole plan, they only got limited information. There are also several add-on charges for every additional information.

Many users also complained that the website misleads people with their prices and when you sign in to an account, you will always have to pay more. 

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How Can I Cancel PCH Intelius Subscription?

If you are facing any of the above-mentioned issues or something different, you can always opt to cancel your subscription. 

Cancel PCH Intelius Subscription Online

1. Go to the official website of Intelius and log in to your account. 

2. Look for the My Account option on the dashboard and click on it.

3. You will find several options under My Account, select Membership Settings among them. 

4. You will now see information related to your current Active Subscription. 

5. Click on the Cancel Subscription option at the bottom. You might also be required to provide the reason for your subscription cancellation. 

6. Click on Submit when you are done and this will cancel your Subscription. 

Cancel PCH Intelius Subscription On Call

1. You can contact Intelius Customer Support by dialing their customer service number. 

2. The members can talk to the Intelius Representatives at 888-445-2727

3. Request them that you wish to cancel your Intelius Subscription and provide all required details. 

4. Also ask them to provide you with Subscription Cancellation confirmation

Cancel Intelius Subscription- FAQs

Why Does Intelius Keep Charging Me?

If you get an Intelius Subscription, your membership will automatically renew and you will be charged accordingly.

You will be continuously charged until you cancel your subscription. So, you must cancel your PCH Intelius subscription if you don’t want to be charged anymore. 

Will I Get A Refund From Intelius?

If you are not satisfied with an Intelius Subscription, you can always cancel it and ask for a refund by contacting the representatives at (888) 245-1655.

You will receive a single refund per your Subscription plan and cannot ask for refunds repeatedly. It might take up to 30 days to get back your refund. 

Does Intelius Provide A Free Trial?

Intelius does provide a 2-day free trial where the users can learn of the benefits of an Intelius Subscription. However, you will be charged as soon as the Free trial period is over, so, if you don’t want to pay, then cancel the subscription and free trial within two days. 

What Is PCH Intelius Charge?

If you see an unrecognizable charge on your account from Intelius then it is probably because you used one of their services.

It can be either Intelius People Search that costs about $0.95 or Intelius Reverse Phone Lookup that can also charge up to $0.95. If there is some other kind of charge then you must contact their Support team for help.

How Can I Contact Intelius Customer Service?

If you have any queries related to your subscription then you can contact Intelius Customers service by sending an Email to [email protected] and mentioning your question. You can also talk to their representatives on call by dialing (888) 245-1655 and tell them about your issues related to your Intelius Subscription. 

Wrap Up

Intelius can be a great option if you require a background check or other information on an individual. You can choose your subscription plan from the available options and get the benefits accordingly.

If you are unsatisfied with the subscription you purchased, then you can easily cancel it by following the cancellation steps we discussed above or contact Intelius Customer Support for more help. 

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