How To Cancel Nectar Sleep Order? Cancelation & Return Policy!!

How To Cancel Nectar

Are you finding the cost of Nectar Sleep mattresses too high or maybe you accidentally ordered the mattress and don’t want them right now? Well!! Whatever the reason is, the main thing is you want to cancel Nectar Order and be completely unaware of its procedure. Then, you will surely need the help of this article for your order cancelation. 

Well!! After a busy and hectic schedule of the whole day, a good sleep must be everyone’s need and your mattress plays an important role in that. Obviously, you will get uncomfortable sleep, if the quality of your mattress is not good. This is the main reason that some people want to cancel their Nectar order because they are not fully satisfied with their mattresses. 

You can cancel your Nectar Sleep Order by reaching out to their customer service team either by phone call, email, or Live Chat. To know about these cancelation methods and return policies, you need to end up reading this article. 

Nectar Sleep Cancellation Policy

Nectar Sleep provides you with an easy cancelation policy. According to its policy, you can cancel your Nectar Sleep order before it is start to process and once the order is shipped, the chances of order cancelation are low. After shipping, you will not get a refund and even the Premium In-Home set-up fee is also non-refundable. 

So, for easy and smooth cancelation, it is recommended to you cancel the order before its processing. 

How To Cancel Nectar Sleep Order?

The only way from which you can cancel your Nectar Order is by getting in contact with their customer support service team and asking them to cancel the order for you. Make sure that you cancel the order immediately after it is placed to get a refund for it. These are the ways to get in touch with their service team for order cancelation. 

  • Make a Call to their customer service team
  • Send an Email
  • Live Chat

Cancel Nectar Order Over A Phone Call

As it is said that you need to be quick in canceling your order. So, one of the fastest ways to contact their team is by making a call to Nectar customer service phone number and making a clear and direct conversation with them on a call. 

For this, you just need to dial +1 (888) 863-2827 and get connected with their Sleep Specialist on a call and ask them to cancel the order for you by giving them your order details. If it is possible, they will surely cancel it for you. 

Cancel Nectar Order Via Email

The other and the most popular way to contact their customer service team is by sending them an Email at their Email Address. Most people are feeling shy or not so comfortable talking on the phone. So, they can prefer this Email Method to cancel their order. 

For this, you just need to compose an email in which you clearly included all details regarding your order cancelation along with your contact information. After that, send that composed email to [email protected]. Hope you will get a quick response from their team. 

Cancel Nectar Order Via Live Chat

The last and the less used method to contact their service team is to connect with their team on a Live Chat and tell them to cancel the order. To use their Live Chat feature, go to Nectar Sleep Website and tap on the “Live Chat” button from the right side of the screen after entering your Name and Email Address, start your chat with their team agent.

Nectar Sleep Return & Refund Policy

If for any reason, you are not satisfied with the quality of Nectar Mattress, then you are allowed to make returns of your order. You can submit your return request for an opened mattress after 365 days of delivery. You are not allowed to return your mattress in the first 30 days of delivery. 

The mattresses which are unopened are also eligible for return and refund. To make your return of products possible and to get a full refund for it. Your returned products must satisfy some criteria according to Nectar Terms & Conditions. 

  • You can not return your mattress before 30 days of getting delivered. 30 days are its adjustment time to get you used to the mattress
  • Your mattress should be in a returnable condition (stainless and with no tears). Environmental damage is also not allowed
  • A clear image of the mattress will be provided to their team via email
  • Mattress can be in a used condition but only be used for its own intended purpose
  • The mattress not opened within 90 days of the delivery is not eligible for return and warranty.

How To Return Nectar Sleep Order?

Well!! If after using Nectar Sleep Mattress for a long time, you are not getting comfortable with it, then you can return your Mattress. The ways to submit your Return Request to their team is either by phone call or via email. 

Yes, to return your products you have to make a call to the Nectar Sleep customer service line at + 1 (888) 425-4854 or on their telephone number 0203 807 1096 and make your return request. 

You can also submit your return request by sending an email to [email protected] 

Frequently Asked Questions

Can Nectar Sleep Offers You A Trial Period?

Yes, to make yourself comfortable with their Mattress, Nectar Sleep provides you with 365 trial period days. After 365 days, you are eligible for return. 

How To Contact Nectar Sleep Customer Service?

For any general query or to get assistance, you can contact their team by calling + 1 (888) 863-2827, sending an email to [email protected], or accessing its Live Chat function from its website. 


Well!! We think it’s not that hard to cancel your Nectar Sleep Mattress Order. All you have to do is to reach out their customer service team with your convenient method and make your cancelation or return possible. Feel free to contact their team at any time, as their Sleep Specialists are available 24/7. Also Know, how to cancel Mattress Firm order.

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