How To Cancel HoneyBook? 3 Easy Cancellation Modes!

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Did you purchase a HoneyBook subscription to manage or enhance your business? Then are you really satisfied with the services that they provide or have no plans to continue with the subscription? Whatever your reason is, if you want to cancel HoneyBook then we can help you terminate the services by mentioning easy cancellation steps. 

HoneyBook is a well-known client-flow platform that helps independent businesses to grow. With HoneyBook, businesses can book clients, manage their projects, and also get paid for the same on a single platform. It might be an effective tool for small business management. 

You will be able to cancel HoneyBook by visiting your profile section and then moving to the Company Settings. You can also contact the HoneyBook Support team for deleting your account for good if you don’t feel like using the platform again. 

How To Cancel HoneyBook?

You will be able to cancel your HoneyBook subscription or account by visiting the official web page of the platform. 

1. Make sure that you are already signed in to your HoneyBook account and then just click on your profile photo icon that you may see at the top right of the screen page. 

2. From the options available in the Menu, choose the Company Settings option. 

3. You must now navigate to the Membership tab. 

4. Click the Cancel Plan option and then follow the steps as prompted on the screen to cancel your subscription. 

You can also cancel HoneyBook if you have purchased the subscription on your iOS and Android devices. 

Cancel HoneyBook On iOS

1. To cancel HoneyBook on your iOS device, you will first have to launch the Settings application on your device. 

2. Now tap on your name and ensure that you are signed in from your Apple Id. 

3. Go to the Subscriptions section and there, you will have access to all your active subscriptions. 

4. There, you can choose your HoneyBook subscription and when you open it, you will see an option to cancel your subscription. 

5. Hit the Cancel Subscription option and follow the steps as presented on your screen to end the service. 

Cancel HoneyBook On Android

1. If you have purchased your HoneyBook Subscription on your Android device then you can cancel it by opening the Google Play Store. 

2. You can now tap on your Profile icon at the right of the page and this will open a list of options. 

3. Do select Payments & Subscriptions and then choose Subscriptions

4. You will see your HoneyBook subscription on the list, select it and when you open it for details, you will find the Cancel Subscription option. 

5. Click on Cancel Subscription and then confirm your cancellation procedure. 

What Happens When I Cancel HoneyBook?

After you follow the steps discussed above, your subscription will be canceled at the very end of your current billing cycle. With this subscription termination, you will not have to pay your membership fees in the future. Although the services will be canceled, you will still be having access to the information or projects that already exist. So where will you be restricted? Well, you won’t be able to send messages or create any new files, projects, or more. 

How Do I Delete HoneyBook Account?

If you are determined that you have no plans of using HoneyBook in the future then you can completely delete your HoneyBook account. For that, you will have to contact the HoneyBook Support Team. 

1. Visit the HoneyBook official web page. 

2. You will see a Chat icon at the bottom right of your screen page, click it. 

3. There, you can select the Messages option and then send them a message. 

4. Write down that you want to delete your HoneyBook account and they will soon respond to you regarding your request. 

5. Follow the steps as they say and you are done. 

Cancel HoneyBook- FAQs

What Is The Return Policy For HoneyBook? Does HoneyBook Have A Money Back Guarantee?

Yes, HoneyBook has a 60-day money-back guarantee or a 60-day refund policy. This initiates at the beginning of your membership date. You can make your returns or request a refund within the initial 60 days of purchasing the membership. 

How Can I Contact HoneyBook Customer Service?

For service queries or other related issues, you can always contact the HoneyBook Customer Service department by visiting the HoneyBook Contact Us page. You will get your query-related email or contact details there. You can also hit the Chat icon at the bottom and send a message or live chat with their Customer Support representatives. 

Wrap Up

HoneyBook can help you manage your business and improve its functioning well. But if you are in no need of the service anymore then you must follow the above-mentioned steps to terminate your HoneyBook subscription or account. For more details, contact the HoneyBook Customer Support team and they will help you accordingly with your requirements. You can also cancel your Trello subscription.

Cancelling your subscriptions and memberships will become hassle free with easy to digest "How-to" articles by Rachel.

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