How To Cancel Chime Credit Card? In Just 6 Simple Steps !!

How To Cancel Chime Credit Card?

It seems like you have taken the Chime Credit Card because there is no annual charge on it but suddenly you realize that you are not using your credit card much, and now you want to cancel it. Let’s move forward to know how to cancel Chime Credit Card. 

Chime is an online platform where you can manage & transfer your money and they can offer you their Chime Credit Builder Visa Credit Card. You can get their credit card with no annual fee as well as no security fee. If you need guidance in canceling your credit card, then follow this article carefully. 

You can cancel your Chime Credit Card by contacting their customer support service team by making a call on their phone number or inform them by sending a cancelation letter. 

How To Cancel Chime Credit Card?

How To Cancel Chime Credit Card- How To Cancel Chime Credit Card?

You can cancel your Chime Credit Card at any time but there is only one method to cancel your credit card and that is you have to get in touch with their customer support team and ask them to cancel your Credit Card. 

Follow these 6 steps carefully to complete the process of your canceling your Chime Credit Card. We will explain the whole procedure in detail. 

Step 1: Pay Off Your Remaining Balance

Before canceling your Chime Credit Card, one thing is very important you should not have any outstanding balance in your account. If there is any, you need to clear it first and cancel your credit card account with zero balance. 

Step 2: Redeem Unused Rewards

If you have any rewards in your Credit Card account, such as travel miles or points, then make sure that before closing your card, you can use all of your rewards. Because, once your credit card is closed, you will not be able to use that rewards. 

Step 3: Call Your Bank

How To Cancel Chime Credit Card- Call Your Bank

Now, you have come to the main step of canceling your credit card. To submit your cancelation request, you have to contact the Chime Credit Card service team by making a call on the number written on the back side of your credit card. 

You can also contact the Chime Customer Service team at 1-844-244-6363. Inform their team that you want to cancel your credit card. They will then tell you to follow your cancelation process by sending a cancelation letter to their team via mail. 

Before hanging up the call, make sure that you know the name of the team member with whom you talked and never forget to ask them their mailing address. 

Step 4: Mail A Cancellation Letter

To confirm canceling your Chime Credit Card, as soon as your hang up the phone, you can also send a cancellation letter to their team at their provided mailing address. 

Make sure to include all this information in your letter. 

  • Your account information: It includes your name, address, and your credit card number. 

  • Request to permanently cancel your card: Sum up in 2-3 lines in your letter that clearly indicate your request of canceling your credit card. 

  • A request for a written confirmation: Request them to send you a written letter via mail or email that your credit card is now closed. 

Step 5: Confirm Your Credit Reports Reflect The Cancellation

When your credit card is closed permanently, then wait for 30-45 days after cancelation, and then keep a check on your credit report to ensure that your cancelation will reflect on it. 

Check the reason for canceling your credit card on your Credit report. If any problem persists, contact the Chime Customer Service team. 

Step 6: Destroy The Canceled Card

Once your Chime Credit Card is canceled, and you have followed all the previous steps, then it’s better to destroy your credit card completely. So, no information related to your account is left. 

Frequently Asked Questions

How To Close Chime Account Online?

You can close your Chime Account within Chime App with these steps. Open Chime App> Go to Settings> Click Edit link from Personal Info tab> Tap on Close Account> Verify your Identity> Select Submit Request> Got It. 

Check out this article to get a Complete Guide On How To Cancel Chime Account. 

If I Close My Chime Account Can I Open A New One?

Yes, after closing your Chime Account, you can again open your new account. For this, you have to reach out to the Chime Customer Service team at 1-844-244-6363

Chime Closed My Account How Do I Get My Money Back?

If Chime closed your account, then to submit your refund request, you can chat with their customer support team on your Chime App or call their team at 1-844-244-6363

Can I Reopen A Closed Chime Account?

Yes, you can reopen your closed Chime Account. Reach out to their customer service team and ask for the process. 


We hope that now you are ready to cancel your Chime Credit Card Account on your own. It’s important to know that, canceling your Chime Credit Card will hurt your credit score if you are using its credit card for a long time. 

If still you want to cancel your Chime Credit card, inform their customer service team about it and get some tips from them to maintain your credit report.

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