How To Cancel Amazon Order After Shipping?

Cancel Amazon Order After Shipping

Do you regret placing an Amazon Order? And now you’re attempting to cancel it, but you’ve received a notification that your order has been shipped. Now, you must be thinking about how to cancel Amazon order after shipping. Don’t Worry!! You will get to know about it soon in this article.

The process for canceling an order from Amazon will differ depending on where the item is in the delivery process. You will have at least 30 minutes to cancel your order after placing it or cancel it even before its shipment. You may face issues after your order is shipped and most people are confused about whether cancelation of an order is allowed after its shipment or not.

You need to submit a “Cancelation Request” for canceling your Amazon Shipped orders and wait for their approval to accept your request. If not accepted, then you have some other ways for it to do so which are discussed later in this article.

Can I Cancel An Amazon Order After It’s Shipped?

Yes, you can cancel your Amazon Order after its shipment. But, it generally depends on your order. For some items, cancelation after shipment is allowed, and for some items, you won’t be able to cancel your order.

How To Cancel Amazon Order After Shipping?

If you ever noticed that your order is being shipped from Amazon, but you still want to cancel it before its arrival then we must tell you that there is no guarantee that your order will be canceled. But, still, we can try to cancel it with various methods which will be discussed in this article. We will discuss some effective methods, maybe one out of them will work for you and you end up canceling your order even after its shipment.

Method 1 – How To Cancel An Amazon Order After It Ships Using The App?

You can start with your regular cancelation method of canceling your shipped orders to see if it works or not. You can do these steps from your Amazon app or from its website. Follow these steps to cancel your order from Amazon.

  • Open your Amazon App or log in to
  • Go to “Your Orders”
  • Select the order you want to cancel
  • Click on “Cancel Items” 
  • Tap on “Request Cancelation” 
  • Choose a valid cancelation reason
  • Confirm your cancelation request 

Wait for some time to approve your cancelation request. There will be two scenarios- If your cancelation request is being approved, then you will get a message or notification about it in your email or on your account. But, it can be a chance of not approving your cancelation request. You can try this method to cancel your shipped order.

Method 2 – Cancel Amazon Order Before It Is Delivered

On most of the items, you will see a message “Cancel items are not available” on your order, which means that your order has been shipped by Amazon and now you are not allowed to cancel these items. If that is the case with you, then you can try these steps for your cancelation. Maybe it works for you.

  • Open your Amazon Account
  • Go to “Your Orders”
  • Click on “Track Package”
  • Then, “Cancel this Delivery”

Again saying, the cancelation method depends on the type of item you’re purchased. This method may be worked for you and maybe not. If this method is also not able to cancel your order, then you can try our 3rd method.

Method 3 – Refuse To Take The Amazon Order Delivery

The other method to cancel your shipped orders is you can refuse to take the order when the delivery agent comes for the delivery at your home. Tell them to cancel your order and then, the agent will try to cancel your order and the order is not delivered to you. Finally!! You will end up canceling your shipped order from Amazon.

Method 4 – Return Or Replace Amazon Order

If the above 3 methods have not worked for you and you failed to cancel your shipped orders, then the only and the last way for you to do so is to take the order from the delivery agent and then submit a “Return Request” of that order. Follow these steps to return your items from Amazon:

  • Open your Amazon Account
  • Go to “Your Orders”
  • Select your Delivered Order
  • Tap on “Return or Replace Items”
  • Select the reason for your return
  • Hit the “Continue” button
  • Your Return Request is approved! 

Note: Be careful while returning your order as on some orders or items the return policy is not applicable. You will not be able to return some items. So, check your order before placing its return.

Amazon Order Cancellation & Refund Policy

If you want to cancel your placed Amazon order, then before starting with the cancelation policy, you must need to know about its cancellation policy. According to Amazon Terms & Conditions, you can easily and smoothly cancel your order just after it is placed or within 30 minutes of placing your order. This means order cancelation is easy if the order is not shipped. After shipping, you can still try to cancel the order with the steps mentioned above.

Can You Get A Refund From Amazon On Your Canceled Orders?

A big Yes! You can cancel Amazon Order after payment and if your order is successfully canceled by Amazon then you will get a refund for it. Even if your return is also approved, you can get your refund back.

How Long Does Amazon Take To Refund A Cancelled Order?

After picking up your item from your doorstep, your money for that particular order will also be refunded within 3-5 business days but on some items, it will take up to 10 days to initiate your refund. You can also choose the “Instant Refund” option for quick refunding.

Refund Times

Once your refund is accepted, then your refund time will depend on your refund method. Take a look at this table below for more clarity on Refund Times by Amazon.

Refund MethodRefund Time Gift Card2 to 3 hours
Checking AccountUp to 10 working days
Gift Card Balance2 to 3 hours
Shop with Reward PointsUp to 5 working days
Pre-Paid Credit CardUp to 30 days
Credit Card3 to 5 working days
Debit CardUp to 10 working days
SNAP EBT CardUp to 10 working days
Promotional CertificateNo refund issued 
Pay in CashUp to 10 working days

Frequently Asked Questions

Why Can’t I Cancel My Amazon Order?

If you are not able to cancel your Amazon Order, then it only means that your order is shipped or dispatched.

Why Amazon Canceled My Order After Shipping?

There are very less chances of this happening so. But, still, if your order is canceled by Amazon, then these could be the most obvious reasons for them to do so.

  • Limited Stock of your ordered item
  • Shipment Issues
  • Order not processed on time

You can get in contact with their Customer Service Team and ask about this issue. 

What If I Canceled My Amazon Order But Get No Refund?

You need to wait for some days to get your refund from Amazon, but still after waiting a long, if you are not getting your refund back even after canceling your order, then you need to contact Amazon Customer Support Service Team and share your refund issue with them. 

How To Contact Amazon Customer Service?

You can contact Amazon customer service team by calling on 1-888-280-4331 or visit their Contact Page for further help.


Amazon is one of the most popular and growing online shopping websites that allows you to shop for different kinds of products, as well as cancelation of your orders, which is also possible on Amazon as we discussed in this article. To avoid your cancelation, it is recommended to you be sure or checked your items properly before placing your order. Still, if ever you have to cancel your order, make sure to cancel it before its shipment.

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