How To Cancel Incogni Subscription? Effective Method!!

How To Cancel Incogni Subscription? Effective Method!!

Do you want to secure your data from hackers or Data Brokers? In this modern time, where IT services are growing rapidly, hackers are also very active in stealing sensitive data with their criminal online hacks. 

So, for their data safety, many companies have taken the Incogni Subscription. It is a subscription-based service that helps you in dealing with data brokers and ensure the safety of your information. 

Don’t Worry!! If you don’t require its services anymore, then you can cancel your Incogni Subscription by getting in contact with their customer service team. 

How? Read the entire article for the proper cancelation method of Incogni Subscription. 

Can You Cancel Your Incogni Subscription?

Yes, you can cancel your Incogni Subscription. You can create your Incogni Account for free but to start using its services, you have to subscribe to its plan. 

Remember, that its subscription plan automatically renews and the subscription amount will automatically be deducted with the payment method you provided. 

So, it’s better to cancel the subscription before the start of its new subscription plan. 

How To Cancel Incogni Subscription?

How To Cancel Incogni Subscription? Effective Method- How To Cancel Incogni Subscription?

This is the only way to cancel the Incogni Subscription. You can submit your Incogni cancelation request to their team via Email and they will cancel the subscription. 

Yes, Email is the only way to contact their service team and cancel your subscription. Follow these steps to cancel the Incogni Subscription. 

  1. Open the Gmail Application from your device
  1. Add the Incogni Service Team Email Address [email protected] in the “To” section
  1. Include “Request to cancel Incogni Subscription” in the Subject section
  1. Start composing your Email by writing about the cancelation
  1. Include Incogni Subscription details in the body of the Email
  1. Include your Contact Information and some of your information at the bottom of the Email
  1. When you are done, send the composed Email to their team. 
  1. Within 24 hours, they will contact you and help you with the cancelation.
  1. You will get updated about your cancelation via Email by their team from time to time. 

How To Get An Incogni Refund?

The Incogni team will provide you with a 30-day money-back guarantee. You will get a full refund after canceling your subscription within the initial 30 days of making the purchase. 

Except for this situation, your refund will be decided by the Incogni team (either you will get no refund or a pro-rata refund). 

To submit a refund request, reach out to their service team via [email protected] 

Frequently Asked Questions

How Much Does Incogni Subscription Cost?

You can choose any of these Incogni Subscription plans- Annual Plan ($6.49 per month) and Monthly Plan ($12.99 per month). 
In this annual plan, you will get 50% off as compared to its monthly plan.

How To Contact Incogni Support Team?

To contact the Incogni Support Team, you can send an Email to [email protected]. You can also Submit a Request to their team. 


Don’t be so late. In canceling your Incogni Subscription. Make sure to cancel the subscription within 30 days of purchase, to get a full refund. 

Feel free to Email to Incogni Customer Support team at any time, for any queries or questions.

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