How To Cancel Mountainside Fitness Membership? Easy Steps!

Cancel Mountainside Fitness Membership

Are you done with your fitness resolutions or have some other situation going on? We never judge you for canceling your gym membership, in fact, we are here to help you. If you are planning to cancel your Mountainside Fitness membership then we can provide you with the correct steps to do that.

The local Arizona fitness chain for all those who wish to get fit, Mountainside Fitness provides you with the training and equipment that are best for you. You can find out the nearest club and join with a membership plan you are comfortable with and get other perks and benefits. 

You can cancel your Mountainside Fitness membership by visiting your local gym location and talking to the representative there. You can also cancel your membership plan by sending a certified mail to your gym location

How Much Is Mountainside Fitness Membership?

Mountainside Fitness has several gym locations in Arizona and the membership plans can vary accordingly. You can visit your location or go to the official website for more details. 

Membership PlansSingles Charges Couples ChargesFamily Charges
Monthly Memberships$46.50$82.50$102.50
Premium Memberships(6 months)$41.50$76.50$97.50
Premium Plus Memberships(12 months)$38.50$72.50$90.50

The Monthly Memberships are perfect for those who wish to join on monthly basis. The individual price for this membership is $46.50 per month and charges for couples will be about $82.50 for a month. If you wish to join the club with your family or have more than 3 members then the membership price would be about $102.50 per month

The Premium Memberships plan is for those who wish to pay for 6 months. The individual price for a Premium membership is $41.50 per month and for couples, the prices are $76.50 per month. The family member’s plan is available for $97.50 per month for six months. 

The Premium Plus Membership is an annual membership for 12 months. The individual plan to join this membership will cost about $38.50 per month and $72.50 per month for couples. The membership plan for families will cost you $90.50 per month for 12 months of membership time. 

How Can I Cancel My Mountainside Fitness Membership?

You cannot cancel most of your gym memberships online and this feature is not available even on your Mountainside Fitness membership. If you are terminating your membership then it is only possible by a personal visit or certified mail. 

Cancel Mountainside Fitness Membership In Club

1. Visit your Mountainside Fitness gym location to cancel your membership. 

2. Talk to their representative at the front desk and tell them that you wish to cancel your membership. 

3. They will surely ask you the reason for your membership cancellation so do prepare a solid excuse. 

4. They will provide you with a cancellation form or just ask you to provide your membership details. 

5. Follow as they say and cancel your Mountainside Fitness Gym membership. 

Cancel Mountainside Fitness Membership By Certified Mail

1. If you don’t want to cancel your membership by visiting your gym location then you can also cancel it by sending them a mail

2. Write a letter to your local gym that you want to cancel your membership and do provide a reason for your cancellation

3. Add all your membership details that they might require to complete the procedure. 

4. Look for your gym mailing address from the official website and post your mail to that location. 

5. They will get back to you regarding your request. 

Mountainside Fitness Cancel Membership- FAQs

Can I Pause My Mountainside Fitness Membership?

Yes, the members are allowed to freeze their Mountainside Fitness gym membership. You can pause your membership for up to 30 days and you can visit your location for more related details. To pause your membership, you will be required to visit your local gym location or send them a certified mail for the same. 

How Can I Contact Mountainside Fitness?

If you have queries related to your membership or other problems then you can visit the Mountainside Fitness Contact Us page and ask your query there. You can then send your message and the representatives will get back to you with your query. You can also visit your local gym for your doubts and other questions. 

Wrap Up

Mountainside Fitness is a great option if you are looking for a gym to maintain your fitness. You can select your closest location and visit your club and select the membership plan that is best for you. However, if you are planning to leave your gym for any reason then go through the steps discussed above to cancel your Mountainside Fitness membership. You can freeze your gym membership if you are planning to take a break from your workout. You will be required to visit your gym club for your queries or send them a mail. You can also cancel your MyFitnessPal membership and Everlast Gym membership.

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