How To Cancel McDonald’s App Order?

Cancel McDonalds App order

People with busy schedules who do not have time to cook food for themselves often order food online from “food delivery” apps.

One such popular and largest food delivery app is “McDonalds”, which is used by almost everyone. But, do you have any about its order cancelation? If not, then let’s find it out.

Mostly it happens with everyone that after placing an order, you have to cancel your order due to any reason and most people wonder if order cancelation is possible at McDonald’s. Then, we must say, Yes, you can grab knowledge on how to cancel the McDonald’s app order.

To cancel a McDonald’s delivery order, you need to contact the restaurant directly either by calling the number that is given next to your order on the McDonald’s app or by visiting the restaurant itself. 

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Can I Change Or Cancel My McDonald’s Order Once It Is Placed?

No, once you place your order at McDonald’s, you are not allowed to change or cancel your order directly from the app.

How To Cancel Mcdonalds App Order?

You cannot cancel your McDonald’s Order directly from your app. You can try these simple steps to cancel your McDonald’s App Order-

  1. Open the McDonald’s App on your smartphone
  2. Once you receive the notification that your order is packed. Click on the “order packed” details
  3. Scroll down to the Order Details page
  4. Look for the Call Store option on that page. Click on the Call Store yellow button
  5. Get in touch with the specific McDonald’s store where the order was placed
  6. Ask the store member to cancel your order
  7. Maybe they will cancel your order before it is prepared.

Instead of calling the Call Store directly, you can contact your delivery partner.

Firstly, find out who your delivery partner and call them directly, and cancel your order. Here are some delivery partners’ contact numbers for you:

  • For Uber Eats: 866-987-3744
  • For DoorDash: 833-510-0332

Can You Get A Refund From McDonalds’?

Its refund depends on how far the order has progressed. If the item delivered to you is unsatisfactory or wrong, then you can submit your refund request through the restaurant.

Then the restaurant manager will look into your matter; if your delivered items are unsatisfactory, then your refund money will be directly transferred to your account. 

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If you want a refund for your canceled order, which you have already paid before it was delivered, then you may contact the restaurant through email or phone and explain your valid reason for cancelation.

If the store manager is convinced by your reason, then it will give you a full refund of your order. 

How Do I Delete My Mcdonald’s App Account?

If you want to delete your Mcdonald’s account, then follow these steps:

  • Open your McDonald’s app
  • Click on “More” from the bottom navigation bar
  • Click on the “Profile” topic
  • Tap on “Delete Account” 
  • Again, tap on “Delete Account” to confirm your deletion
  • Your McDonald’s account is permanently deleted.
  • You can also submit your “Mcdonalds Account Deletion” request by filling out the form on the CCPA Rights Center.

Note: You can lose all your rewards, points, and data by deleting your account permanently from Mcdonalds

What Happens If You Don’t Pick Up Mcdonalds Order?

If you do not pick up your McDonald’s order, a number of things may happen. According to your location, the staff may contact you to inform you that your order has been prepared and is ready for pickup.

If this fails, the store may choose to save the order for a set period of time before dismissing it. Because the policies for each location may differ, it is best to double-check with your store before ordering.

Furthermore, you may be charged some fees for not picking up your order. 

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Frequently Asked Questions

Can I Add A Mcdonald’s Deal Or Promotion To My Mobile Order?

Yes, if any deal or promotion is available on your account, then you can add it to your Mcdonald’s mobile order. Here are the steps for that:
Select the “Add Deal To Mobile Order” option
Make changes to the item in this order
Select “Add To Order” to add the deal to your shopping cart.

Can Someone Else Pick Up My Mcdonalds Mobile Order?

Yes, anyone can pick your order. The only way that someone else can pick up your Mcdonald’s Mobile order is for you to give them your phone, which you were using at the time of order, so the other person who is going to pick up your order can get a confirmation for the front desk person at the specific Mcdonalds store. 


Don’t worry about your order cancelation with Mcdonald’s now. Mcdonald’s gives you the best service for its delivery as well as for cancelation of your orders with a full refund.

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