How To Cancel Sephora Order? Cancel Order Quickly!

Cancel Sephora Order

Have you ever ordered products from Sephora? Of course, you would have and probably even found a reason to cancel it. But are you aware of how to carry out this procedure? Don’t worry, we can help you with the correct required steps you must learn to cancel your Sephora order. 

You can have an amazing beauty shopping experience with the very popular Sephora online stores where you can purchase your favorite beauty products at great deals. Visit the store and choose the skin care you love. Get various offers and deals on your every purchase with Sephora. 

If you wish to cancel an order you placed at Sephora, you can contact their customer support and they will help you with your request. You must check the status of your order from the website and then proceed with cancelling your order. 

What Do You Get From Sephora?

The French Multinational beauty and skincare products retailer Sephora has a great collection of cosmetics, skin and hair care products, beauty and makeup, and almost everything you might require. You can easily purchase their products online or through their store locations.

The items on sale can be purchased at discounted prices and the beauty insiders also receive numerous rewards during their shopping. Sephora also offers a loyalty program for all its loyal customers and this program has three divisions- The Insiders, The VIB, and The Rouge

Each division’s members are provided with different benefits, incentives, and perks that normal customers may lack. From the money you spend on buying their products, Sephora offers you beauty insider points.

To become an insider member, all you need to do is Sign Up for Sephora, and if you spend about $350 a year in Sephora, you become a VIB member.

The Rouge members receive even more perks but also have to spend more to become a member. If you spend over $1000 a year shopping with Sephora, you become a Rouge member. 

What Is Sephora Auto-Replenish Subscription? How Can I Cancel My Sephora Subscription?

Sephora also provides a subscription for their loyal customers so that their favorite products are always available for them.

With this subscription, the customers are automatically billed and receive their products at the sequence or time period they selected. All you are required to do is hit the Auto-replenish button before you add that particular product to your cart. 

You can always modify or cancel your Auto-replenish subscription when you no longer require the product or that particular item anymore.

From your orders, choose the Auto-replenish product you desire to cancel and select the Manage Subscription button under each product. There you can alter or cancel your product delivery frequency. 

How Can I Cancel My Sephora Order?

If you ordered a beauty product from Sephora but no longer require it then you can, of course, cancel your order but you must be quick with your actions.

According to Sephora’s product modification and cancellation policy, once an order is placed on their platform, it is impossible to modify it. They won’t allow you to change the shipping address or carry out other required modifications with their orders. 

However, if you still wish to cancel your order then it might be possible for you if you cancel your Sephora order within an hour of its placement. But for that, you will be required to check the status of your product order.

If your order status is just placed and has still not been left for their warehouse for its processing then you might be able to cancel your order. Once it is sent to their warehouse, it gets almost impossible to cancel it manually. 

  • To cancel your Sephora order, contact 1-877-Sephora (1-877-737-4672)
  • Dial the number, and you can then talk to one of their representatives. 
  • Tell them that you wish to cancel your Sephora order and provide them with the required order details.
  • They might ask you why your order is canceled, so talk accordingly. Follow the steps as directed by them and you are done. 

You will receive a confirmation message that your order has been canceled. 

You can also cancel your Sephora order by visiting their Contact Us page. You can chat with their representatives and tell them about your problem there.

They will surely answer you and help you according to your situation and from the chat thread, you can also see how other people were able to solve their queries by chatting with Sephora representatives. 

Why Did Sephora Cancel My Order?

Many customers complained that Sephora has been canceling their orders and there can be several reasons for that.

If you have placed an order and immediately after the items get out of stock, then Sephora will cancel your order or that particular item from your order and will send you an email to notify you of the same.

If that item is important to you and you really need that then you can sign up for an “Email when in stock” alert that will notify you when the item is available again to order.

Also, the canceled item will not provide you with Beauty Insider points and if you are worried about what would happen to your Beauty Insider rewards if an item is canceled from your order then don’t. As long as you are receiving even a part of your order, you will receive the Beauty Insider awards

Can I Return My Sephora Order? Will Sephora Provide Refund?

Yes, if the Sephora products are not working for you, you can return them. Customers can return their Sephora products if they are new or even gently used within 30 days of purchasing them. This will also provide you with a complete refund in several cases.

However, if you are late in returning the products and return them within the next thirty days, the refund will be provided to you in the form of online credit or store credit, depending on how you returned your orders.

If the product is returned due to an error by Sephora, you may be refunded the shipping charges; if not, they will not refund your shipping price. 

Why Would You Want To Cancel Your Sephora Subscription?

Many believe that Sephora has one of the best beauty products to purchase but there are also numerous complaints that the beauty products provided by Sephora are duplicates. If you too are unsatisfied with the products of Sephora or believe that you are receiving duplicates, then you might want to cancel your Sephora order or terminate your Sephora Play Subscription. You can go through some of the Product Reviews from the buyers below:

Cancel Sephora Order- FAQs

Can I Cancel A Sephora Order Before It Ships?

Canceling an order at Sephora is a bit complicated. It can be possible if you cancel your Sephora order within an hour of its placement. Track your order and see its status, if it hasn’t reached the warehouse yet then you can cancel the order but if it already did, the cancellation would be nearly impossible. 

How To Find Sephora Order Number?

If you need your Sephora order number then you can access it from the official Sephora website you signed in to. Go to the Track Order option on the page and there you will see your order and its status. You will also find your Order Number for the required product order in the same section. 

Wrap Up

If you are a fan of beauty, skincare, and makeup products, then you must definitely visit Sephora and see the deals on their popular brands. But if you have already ordered a product and have to cancel it due to some reason then be quick and follow the cancellation steps we discussed above or you will be late.

You can cancel your Auto-replenish subscription or return your orders by going through the detailed steps we discussed above. You can also cancel your Function Of Beauty.

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