How To Cancel Six Flags Membership? 6 Easy Steps To Cancel!

Cancel Six Flags Membership

You can never get enough of amusement parks but you must surely have as you are looking for ways to cancel your membership. If you don’t want to continue with Six Flags then we can help you with the required steps you must take to cancel your Six Flags membership.

Six Flags is the best destination for you to enjoy the wonderful theme parks and water parks. With a membership to their amusement parks, you can enjoy even more benefits and have more fun. Buying your favorite merchandise, food, and more at discounted prices and other offers will enhance your fun and amusement. 

If you no longer want to continue with your membership at Six Flags then it is possible to cancel your membership and the steps are too simple for that. You can cancel your Six Flags membership online by visiting the Membership Cancellation page of the official website and following the procedure as directed by them. 

Six Flags Monthly Membership Plans And Prices

Apart from their season pass and other daily passes, Six Flags also possess several membership plans for those who love to visit the parks frequently. 

Membership Plans Charges
Gold Plus$6.75/month
Diamond Elite$18.30/month

The Gold Plus Membership plan is available at $6.75/month and you get discounts on food, merch, events, rides, and more, and even your friend’s tickets would be available at discounted prices. You can choose any of the rides and go to any of the theme parks or water parks. 

The Platinum Membership plan can be purchased at $8.35/month and the perks include unlimited drinks, food and merch at a discounted price, a skip-the-line pass, and all other benefits included in the Gold Plus membership

You can also choose the Diamond Membership plan by paying $12.50/month and get huge discounts on food and merchandise. The benefits of exclusive VIP items are also made available to the members of this plan. Members also get premium show seatings and much more. 

The Diamond Elite plan would be available for you at $18.30/month where you can receive almost 50%off on sweets, food, and merchandise. Two skip-the-line passes are for you on your every visit and perks of all other membership plans are available for you in the best way possible and you will surely feel like an Elite member of the club. 

Can You Cancel The Six Flags Season Pass At Any Time?

If you want to cancel your Six Flags membership, there will be some cancelation policies that you need to keep in mind. For instance, the most important thing you need to know is that you cannot cancel your membership to Six Flags whenever you want, you need to comply with their cancelation criteria. Once you are registered for a Six Flags membership, you will have to pay for the first twelve months of their services until which you are not allowed to cancel your membership. 

Once you have completed the first twelve months of your membership, then you are eligible for cancelation.

Is There Any Cancelation Fee For The Six Flags Season Pass?

Yes, Six Flags charges its users a fee at the moment of deactivation of their membership. When you proceed with your membership cancelation and it is successfully canceled, then you are charged a fee amount of $10.001 for it for each membership. This means that for every membership you cancel on Six Flags, you will have to pay separately the amount of $10.001.

How Can I Cancel My Six Flags Membership?

It is easy to cancel your Six Flags membership online by visiting their official website and then canceling the membership from there. 

1. From the official website of Six Flags, go to the Membership cancellation page. This shows you a simple way to cancel your membership without being through the tiresome procedure of contacting Customer Support and more. 

2. First, read out all the required eligibility to cancel your membership and make sure you are qualified to initiate the procedure or you won’t be able to cancel your membership. 

3. You will now be required to fill out your Membership Account ID and also your Last Name in the box below. Provide the correct details as every membership plan has a unique Membership Account ID and yours will represent the membership plan you want to cancel. 

4. You will see the Begin Cancellation button in Green just below the Your Name box. After providing the required details, click on the button and this will initiate your cancellation procedure. 

5. You must wait up to 48 hours to receive a membership cancellation confirmation email from Six Flags. 

6. Now press the red Cancel Account button to finish your cancellation procedure. You will find this option at the bottom of the confirmation email you received from Six Flags

Can You Bring A Friend To Six Flags For Free?

Yes, Six Flags allows its members to bring their friends to their theme park, and that too without any charges. But, there are specific days and times for this. 

First of all, you need to have a Season Pass or membership of Six Flags if you want to be eligible for bringing a friend for free. Next, the friends who are allowed to enter the park for free are allowed to come only on Saturday and Sunday from 1.30 AM to 6 pm. 

Why Would You Cancel Your Six Flags Membership?

There can be several reasons for you to cancel your Six Flags membership and it can be both personal or the problems related to the services provided by them. There are complaints and reviews of Six Flags’ recent cuts to their dining plans and more that may lead people to cancel their membership. You can go through the detailed review on cuts made by Six Flags below:

Cancel Six Flags Membership- FAQs

Why Can’t I Cancel My Six Flags Membership?

As there is only one online method to cancel your Membership at Six Flags, there can be a possibility that their official website is down so you can give it some time and try again later. Another reason could be your eligibility for requesting a cancellation. When you go to the Membership Cancellation page, you will see that they have provided you with the criteria that will let you cancel your membership. If you do not fulfill any of that criteria then you will also not be able to cancel your Membership at Six Flags. 

How Can I Contact Six Flags? Six Flags Phone Number

If you have any queries related to your visit there or season pass or membership plans, you can always get in touch with Six Flags by visiting their Contact Us page from the official website. There, you will get information on how you can chat with the Six Flags representatives and team members through their Live Chat option. You will also understand how you can contact Six Flags through a phone call by requesting a Live Call and then interacting with them.

Wrap Up

If you love visiting Six Flags amusement parks then you must definitely go for the Season Pass and if you love visiting Six Flags frequently then a membership plan would be just best for you as you will also receive other numerous benefits. However, if anytime you feel like canceling your membership plan then it is an easy procedure and you can go through the cancellation steps that we discussed above. Contact Six Flags team members for more of your queries through Live Chat. You can also cancel your Disneyland Reservation and Sky Zone membership.

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