How To Cancel LifeLock? 2 Effective Ways To End Service!

how to cancel lifelock

Online theft and hacking have become common with the advancement of technology and there are several platforms to help keep your identity secure. LifeLock provides similar services to the users but if you are already a member and are now planning to terminate the service then we can help you cancel LifeLock. 

LifeLock is an identity theft software that provides you protection from identity theft, monitor or manages your credit score, and alerts users for credit fraud and other issues. The platform will monitor all your personal data and prevent you from identity or other kinds of theft from hackers. 

You can cancel LifeLock if you don’t want to continue using the service from their official website by signing in to your LifeLock account. You can also contact the LifeLock Support department for the same by dialing their help number and they will help you with your cancellation request. 

What Is LifeLock Cancellation Policy? What Happens If You Cancel LifeLock?

You can cancel your LifeLock subscription whenever you want from their official website or by contacting their Customer Help department through their given help number. You must try to cancel your subscription before your current billing period is over or you will be charged for the next. Once you cancel your subscription service to LifeLock then it will also terminate your automatic renewal. But, you will still be able to use the benefits of the service till your current billing period ends. 

Also, if you have purchased more than one subscription package or the whole bundle, then you can cancel either one of the package subscriptions or the whole bundle as per your requirements. If you only cancel one portion or package of your subscription then the others will remain active. 

How Do I Cancel My LifeLock Subscription?

If you don’t require it anymore, you can cancel your LifeLock subscription by calling their Support department or through the official website. 

Cancel LifeLock By Phone Call

1. You can contact the LifeLock Customer Service department through a phone call and request cancellation. 

2. Dial their help number 1-800-LIFELOCK (543-3562) and you will be able to get in touch with a representative. 

3. Tell them about your request to cancel your LifeLock subscription and give them the subscription and personal details that they may require to complete the procedure. 

4. Follow the steps as they say and terminate the service when you want. Do remember to ask them for a confirmation message when cancellation is done. 

Cancel LifeLock From Website

1. Go to the official website of LifeLock and give your email address to sign in to your account. 

2. Now go to the Membership Portal and then select Request Support.

3. Navigate to your LifeLock subscription and hit the Cancel button to terminate the services. 

4. Confirm your cancellation procedure and you are done. 

How Do I Cancel My Norton Subscription? Does Norton Provide Refund?

1. If you want to cancel your Norton subscription, visit the Norton official page and sign in to your account. 

2. Then navigate to the My Subscriptions tab on the screen page and you will see details of your Norton subscription. 

3. Now select the subscription plan that you want to cancel and hit the Cancel Subscription Renewal option next to it. 

4. Confirm that you want to cancel the subscription to Norton and the procedure is now completed. 

Yes, if you are eligible under their refund policy and conditions, you will get a refund from them. If you have an annual subscription, you will get a refund under their 60-day money-back guarantee. If your annual subscription is renewed, you can still request a refund within the initial 60 days of being charged for the subscription. To request a refund if you have a monthly subscription, you should make a request within 14 days of being charged. You can visit the Norton Contact Page and submit your request for a refund. 

Cancel LifeLock Subscription- FAQs

Does LifeLock Provide Refund?

LifeLock may provide a refund if you are eligible after reviewing your refund request. You can request a refund from LifeLock within 60 days for your annual subscription and within 14 days if you have a monthly membership. You can request a refund via the Live Chat feature of LifeLock. 

How Can I Contact LifeLock Customer Service?

If you have queries related to the services provided by LifeLock then you can dial their Customer Service number 1 (800) 543-3562 and speak to a representative for the same. You can also send a message or use the Live Chat feature to contact the support team. 

Wrap Up

LifeLock will keep your identity online secure and will prevent its theft by hackers. However, if you already used LifeLock and want to cancel it now then go through the cancellation steps mentioned above in detail. Contact the LifeLock Customer Support department for more information regarding your request or query. You can also cancel your IdentityIQ membership.

Cancelling your subscriptions and memberships will become hassle free with easy to digest "How-to" articles by Rachel.

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