How To Cancel Keranique? 2 Easy Ways!

how to cancel keranique

You can maintain your hair growth with Keranique products and enhance your hair volume accordingly by using them. But if you tried using Keranique products and the results are not as satisfactory as you thought would be then we can help you cancel Keranique by presenting easy and effective steps for that. 

Keranique is a hair regrowth treatment for women’s hair and provides hair-care products, supplements, and other items that will aid in your hair regrowth procedure. You can look for the products as per your requirements and hair growth needs and purchase the one that will work best for your situation. The service behaves as an auto-replenish subscription where you will get your products at a subscription plan that you select. 

You can cancel your Keranique Subscription easily by contacting the Customer Support department via a phone call or email. It is also easy to cancel your Keranique order online from their website or by contacting Keranique Support.

How Can I Cancel Keranique?

You can cancel your Keranique subscription by contacting their Customer Support department through a phone call or email. 

Cancel Keranique By Phone Call

1. To cancel Keranique by phone call, you will have to dial their Customer Service number 1-888-805-4271

2. You will now be connected to their Customer Support department and you can put forward your request for cancellation. 

3. Tell them that you want to cancel your subscription and give them your name, address, contact number, email address, and all other information they require. 

4. Do ask for a cancellation confirmation message from them when they are done. 

Cancel Keranique Via Email

1. You can also send an email to the Keranique Customer Support department for your subscription cancellation. 

2. Launch the default email app on your device and compose an email for your request. 

3. In the Subject box, type Request To Cancel Keranique Subscription

4. Now give your subscription and personal details that they may require to cancel your subscription.

5. When you are done composing the email, send it to [email protected]

You will soon receive an answer email from them once they receive your cancellation request.

How Do I Cancel My Keranique Order?

If you are an auto-replenish customer, you can cancel your order already whenever you want as there is no contract for them. Dial their help number to cancel your order. 

1. Dial the Keranique Customer Service number 1-800-547-3153 and speak to a representative. 

2. Tell them that you no longer require the order you placed and wish to cancel it. 

3. Give your personal and your Keranique order details that they will require to terminate your order. 

4. They will help you accordingly with your request and you must ask for confirmation. 

5. You can also cancel your order online by visiting the Keranique Customer Portal.

6. Give your Invoice number to sign in and cancel your order from there.   

Can I Return Keranique? Does Keranique Provide Refund?

Keranique claims that using their product would surely give the customers a satisfactory result. However, if they are not satisfied with the service then they are of course able to return it. Customers can use the product for about 30 days without any risk and can return the product if they want to. You can get a complete refund during that time. 

Keranique also provides a money-back guarantee for 30 days where you can use the product during this time and can return it if you are not satisfied with a refund of your original purchase. You must contact the Customer Support department of Keranique for the same and follow the steps they say to return the product. Also, you will still be given a refund if the item you return is completely empty. 

Cancel Keranique Subscription-FAQs

Is Keranique A Monthly Subscription?

Yes, Keranique is a monthly subscription that provides you with a monthly supply bottle. The Keranique auto-shipment will charge you $79.95 per month and you will have to pay an additional charge of $7.95 for the product shipment. 

How Can I Contact Keranique Customer Service?

If you are having a problem using the Keranique products or services then you can get in touch with the Keranique Customer Service department for help. You can call on their service number at 1-888-237-4131 and speak to a representative regarding your query. You can also send an email to [email protected] if you have questions related to your order placed and more. 

Wrap Up

If you are looking for hair regrowth supplements or products then Keranique can be an option for you. However, if you used the products already and don’t require the subscription anymore then you can cancel it by following the steps for subscription cancellation that we mentioned above in detail. Go through the above-discussed steps to cancel your Keranique order. Contact Keranique Customer Support for more information. You can also cancel Keeps subscription.

Cancelling your subscriptions and memberships will become hassle free with easy to digest "How-to" articles by Rachel.

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